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ABC旧事:澳大利亚举行中央推举 墨累达令流域能够存在盗水事情


Hello Louise Crealy with the top stories from ABC News.

Annastacia Palaszczuk is confident she will be returned as Queensland premier with her government holding a slim majority. The ABC's election analyst Antony Green says Labor is likely to win up to 48 seats. LNP leader Tim Nicholls is yet to concede defeat.

Meanwhile the prime minister has cautioned against using the Queensland result to draw comparisons to federal politics. Mr Turnbull was speaking in Sydney while campaigning with John Alexander in Bennelong. Malcolm Turnbull said the LNP ran a good campaign in a tough environment.

South Australia will try and compel its neighbours to appear before a state Royal Commission into the theft of water from the Murray-Darling basin. Premier Jay Weatherill says an official inquiry is the only way to thoroughly investigate the claims. A review found there was a lack of transparency and enforcement of water management rules in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

And Australia is in complete control with a day to play in the first Ashes Test in Brisbane. Chasing 170 for victory, the openers have guided the home side to 114 at stumps on day four. David Warner is unbeaten on 60 and Cameron Bancroft is on 51.

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