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ABC旧事:英国称正思索容许俄罗斯打仗中毒前特工女儿 霍金葬礼在剑桥举行


The top stories from ABC News.

A request by the Russian embassy to visit Yulia Skripal in hospital is being considered by the UK government. Ms Skripal is recovering after a nerve agent attack on her and her father former spy Sergei Skripal. The UK holds Russia responsible for the attack and says it's considering the embassy's request in line with obligations under internaitonal and domestic law.

Police have charged a man with manslaughter over a fatal crash in Sydney's south west. A 17 year old boy was killed and five others injured when a 26 year old man allegedly drove on the wrong side of Campbelltown Road in Woodbine causing an eight car pile up.

Renowned physicist Steven Hawking has been farewellewd at a private funeral service in the English city of Cambridge. Hundreds of people lined the streets around the university church which is close to the college he taught at for more than fifty years. Professor Hawking died last month aged 76.

And Australia is trailing South Africa by 378 runs with four wickets remaining after day 2 of the fourth test. South Africa grabbed control of the match early with paceman Vernon Philander triggering a collapse of the tourists batting side.

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