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ABC旧事:红衣主教佩尔否定性侵控告 法国总统拜访澳大利亚


The top stories on ABC News.

Catholic Cardinal George Pell has pleaded not guilty after being committed to stand trial on multiple historical sexual offences. More than half of the original charges were either withdrawn or dismissed. The ruling follows a month-long committal which heard from multiple complainants behind closed doors. Cardinal Pell has strenuously denied the allegations.

The Commonwealth Bank CEO has refused to confirm whether any more executives will leave the organisation after a scathing report by the banking regulator into governance issues. APRA says the bank has a culture of complacence, a lack of accountability and an ineffective board. CBA will be required to add an extra one billion dollars to its capital reserves and update the regulator on consequences for its executives.

The Queensland government will pay 30 million dollars to settle a class action over the police response to the 2004 Palm Island riot. The violence flared after the death in custody of a local man. In 2016 the federal court found police officers had unlawfully disCRIminated against residents during the incident. The federal court will decide in June whether to approve the settlement.

And the French president Emmanuel Macron has touched down in Australia for a three day visit. Mr Macron landed at Sydney airport where he was greeted by the French ambassador to Australia and government ministers. He then headed to the Sydney Opera House where he met prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy ahead of an official dinner.

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