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ABC旧事:澳联邦银行供认曾丧失2000万用户材料 美水师史上最大范围糜烂案细节曝光


The top stories on ABC News.

The Commonwealth Bank has confirmed it lost the financial statements of almost 20 million accounts but insists its customers account security has not been compromised. The statements were stored on two magnetic tapes, which were supposed to be destroyed by a sub-contractor last year. But the bank says it has no evidence the tapes have been destroyed.

The ABC has learned the identity of a former Australian officer allegedly involved in the biggest fraud case to hit the US Navy. A Singapore ship contractor allegedly bribed lieutenant commander Alex Gillet and US officers to leak classified information about American ships. The $35million scandal has engulfed the US Navy, leading to charges against dozens of officers.

The Ipswich city council will be sacked and administrators appointed a day after the mayor was charged with fraud. Andrew Antoniolli stood down this morning after being charged by Queensland's CRIme and Corruption Commission. He's facing seven counts of fraud for allegedly using council money to purchase auction items from charitable organisations over a six year period.

And Justin Langer has been appointed as the new coach of the Australian men's CRIcket team. The former test opener takes over from Darren Lehman, who stood down following the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa. Langer says respect will be at the heart of his coaching.

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