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BBC news with Jerry Smit.

Vladimir Putin has thanked his government for its achievement ahead of his inauguration for a fourth term as Russian president. Mr. Putin has been in power as president or prime minister for past eighteen years. Opponents have likened his tenure to the reign of a czar. His supporters say he's boosted Russia's standing on the international stage.

India's top court is expected to decide shortly where a trial should be held in a rape and murder case that caused mass outrage. An eight-year Muslim girl from Jammu and Kashmir was gang raped and killed in January by Hindus. He wanted her tribe to move off their land.

The British foreign secretary Boris Johnson is expected to make a series of appearances on the American television as part of an attempt to persuade President Trump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. Mr. Johnson, who is in Washington, has admitted the deal has its weaknesses but believes they could be remedied.

The British Trade Union Movement has issued details of a new study saying that the number of children in poverty has gone up in UK by a million in less than decade. A government spokesman rejected the figures, saying household incomes have never been higher.

Israel has reacted strongly to earlier indications that after Sunday's election in Lebanon, Hezbollah will be able to renew their power-sharing arrangements to other parties and remain in government. The education minister tweeted that Israel will not differentiate between the state of Lebanon and Hezbollah and would hold the Lebanon’s government responsible for any action from within its territory.

A bride decided to go ahead with her wedding in San Paulo State in Brazil despite having arrived at the ceremony in a helicopter which crashed and burst into flames. The helicopter clipped a tower and plummeted to the ground, but the passengers and the pilot managed to escape before the fuel tank exploded.

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