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I'm Stuart Mackintosh with the BBC news. Hello.

The first funerals have taken place in Guatemala for people killed by the violent eruption of the Fuego Volcano. Sixty-nine people are now known to have died, but many others are missing, and search and rescue operations are continuing. Aleem Maqbool is there. The first funeral since the eruption included several members of the same family, including a three-year-old girl. Thousands have had to leave their homes and are now sheltered in schools and churches. The closer we got to the volcano, the more the air hung gray with ash. We drove through abandoned neighborhoods, clothes still on washing lines,ash-covered fruit stalls left as people ran for their lives. The volcano itself is shrouded in smoke, but there's little else looking at it. They gets away the catastrophic violence it roared. So many people are still missing; so many body still unidentified, and there are fears of further eruptions.

President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort who's awaiting trial on money laundering and tax charges, has been accused of attempting to tamper with potential witnesses. Peter Bowes has the details. Paul Manafort is accused of attempting to communicate with two potential witnesses using a mobile phone and an encrypted message service. The two individuals are associated with a pro-Ukraine group involved in Mr. Manafort's lobbying activities. According to an FBI agent quoted in court papers, one witness reported Mr. Manafort's approach and said he was attempting to influence their testimony when his case goes to trial. Such activity would violate the conditions of Mr. Manafort's release and could result in a judge revoking his bail.

A United Nation's report says less than ten percent of the plastic ever made has been recycled and that action to reduce plastics waste is having mixed results. The report says up to five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. It calls for more efficient sorting of waste, economic incentives to promote eco-friendly alternatives to plastics, and better education of consumers. More details from Roger Harrabin. Several factors are driving international action against plastic waste. In the UK. It's being stimulated by media coverage. In many developing countries, plastic bags are causing floods by blocking drains or they're being eaten by cattle. In several nations, rules on plastic exist but are poorly enforced. The report points to 35 potential bio-substitutes for plastic.

World news from the BBC.

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