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英国播送公司(British Broadcasting Corporation),简称BBC,BBC world news是英国的一家当局赞助但却独立运作的媒体,持久以来不断被以为是环球最受尊崇的媒体之一。



BBC News:Will a market fall turn into a rout?2018-02-20
To the great synchronisation - stronger global growth returning to all the major economic engines of the world - add the great normalisation.
BBC News:US shares claw back ground and finish up on day2018-02-20
US stock markets have ended a day of massive fluctuations on a high note, rebounding after recent steep losses.
BBC News:The textile firm making polyester desirable2018-02-20
An anonymous white factory building on a country lane in rural Japan seems a world away from the glamorous fashion houses of Europe.
BBC News:Suffragettes 100 years on: Meet the women fighting for females in 20182018-02-20
One hundred years since women were first granted the right to vote, the battle for equality rages on.
BBC News:Poundland 'naughty' elf ad deemed 'irresponsible' by regulator2018-02-20
A Poundland ad campaign that featured innuendo and depictions of sexual acts has been deemed irresponsible by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
BBC News:German industrial workers win right to flexible hours2018-02-20
Industrial workers in south-western Germany have won the right to reduced working hours as part of a deal that could benefit millions of employees across the country.
BBC News:Did robot algorithms trigger market plunge?2018-02-20
Robot trading has accelerated this week's market dive and may have sparked the sell-off, experts say.
BBC News:Bitcoin falls below $6,0002018-02-20
The value of Bitcoin has fallen to below $6,000 - its lowest price since November 2017.
BBC News:BP profits double on higher oil price2018-02-20
BP's annual profits more than doubled in 2017, largely thanks to the global increase in oil prices.
BBC News:BBC launches first augmented reality app for Civilisations2018-02-20
The BBC is launching its first augmented reality app. It will enable people to explore historical artefacts from UK museums in virtual exhibitions.
BBC News:Alleged hacker Lauri Love 'relieved' by court ruling2018-02-20
Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love says he is greatly relieved and joyous after High Court judges blocked his extradition to the United States.
BBC News:Airlines get tough after surge in requests for 'support pets'2018-02-20
If you were planning to bring a hedgehog on to a flight as a form of emotional support, you might have to think again.
BBC News:UK Diesel car sales fall by 25% in January2018-02-20
Sales of new diesel cars fell by 25% in January with the industry blaming confusion over government policy.
BBC News:Samsung heir freed from S Korea jail2018-02-20
Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong has been freed from jail after a South Korean court suspended his five year jail term for bribing the country's ex-president.
BBC News:New Spectrum Vega+ promises follow funds threat2018-02-20
The team behind a controversial video games console has given a fresh delivery date pledge after the crowdfunding platform it used threatened to recoup backers' funds.
BBC News:Lauri Love case: Hacking suspect wins extradition appeal2018-02-20
Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love has won his High Court appeal against his extradition to the US.
BBC News:Ketnipz: Teenage cartoonist takes Instagram by storm2018-02-20
Harry Hambley may only be 18 but he is the creative force behind an internet sensation.
BBC News:Hacking suspect Lauri Love appeals against US extradition2018-02-20
The extradition of an alleged computer hacker to the US would not be in the interests of justice, High Court judges have been told.
BBC News:Firms warned on technology 'distractions'2018-02-20
Technology can distract workers rather than make them more productive, suggests a survey carried out by software giant Microsoft.
BBC News:Fentanyl: Painkiller killed my son, says mother2018-02-20
Little more than a year ago Michelle Fraser knew nothing about fentanyl.
BBC News:False Premier League football dreams sold in £5m fraud2018-02-20
More than 3,000 teenagers thought they were living the dream, believing they would get jobs coaching at Premier League football clubs.
BBC News:Facebook executive has 'incurable' cancer2018-02-20
A British Facebook executive has revealed she has a form of blood cancer called follicular lymphoma.
BBC News:Customs union and Brexit: The, a, or c?2018-02-20
What's in a word? Number 10 will have cheered some of their Brexit backing troops this morning by ruling out, (again), staying in the customs union.
BBC News:Beyond Brexit: here's the PM's other big test2018-02-20
The Prime Minister went to the World Economic Forum at Davos - and didn't talk about something. And it was quite deliberate.
BBC News:Amazon 'to create 400 jobs' at new Rugby warehouse2018-02-20
Online retailer Amazon is to open a fulfilment warehouse in Rugby, creating 400 jobs.
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