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英国播送公司British Broadcasting Corporation),简称BBC,BBC world news是英国的一家当局赞助但却独立运作的媒体,持久以来不断被以为是环球最受尊崇的媒体之一。



英国旧事:意大利一架高架桥坍毁 招致至多25人殒命2018-08-18
Im Stewart Mackintosh with the BBC News, hello. A huge rescue operation is taking place in the Italian city of Genoa after a two-hundred-meter-long section of a motorway bridge collapsed, killin
英国旧事:土耳其里拉再次大幅升值 年内已升值46%2018-08-16
Hello, this is the BBC News with Fiona Macdonald. Markets in Turkey and elsewhere in Europe are waiting to see what measures the Turkish government will take to shore up its currency, the Lira. The F
Im Stuart Mackintosh with the BBC News, hello. Facebook and the Spanish Football League has signed a deal to allow users of the social media giant in South Asia to watch matches for free. It'
Hello, Im Julie Candler with the BBC News. A jury in California has ordered the agrochemical company Monsanto to pay nearly 290 million dollars in damages to a man who became terminally ill afte
Hello, Im Marion Marshall with the BBC News. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the United States, said Turkey is preparing to trade in currencies other than the dollar, the l
Im Stuart Mackintosh with the BBC News. Hello. The new president of Colombia and the countrys youngest-ever leader Ivan Duque has promised to unite what he called a divided nation. He was s
BBC旧事[翻译]:印尼龙目岛发作强震 罹难人数升至82人2018-08-09
Hello, Im Neil Nunes with the BBC News. Disaster Agency officials in Indonesia say the number of people killed in a powerful earthquake on the holiday island of Lombok has risen to 82. Hundreds
英国旧事:德国母亲遇禽兽男友 性侵其儿子并卖给恋童癖2018-08-09
BBC News. Im John Shea. A court in Germany has sentenced a mother and her boyfriend two twelve-years in jail for sexually abusing her young son and selling him for sex to other paedophiles via t
Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News. The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says an assassination attempt has been made against him involving drones carrying explosives. Seven soldiers wer
Hello, Im David Harper with the BBC News. North Koreas Foreign Minister has criticized the United States for urging other countries to maintain sanctions against Pyongyang. Ri Yong-ho said
BBC旧事[翻译]:危地马拉举行国丧 澳洲联邦银行涉嫌洗钱2018-08-06
BBC news with Elly Mecue. Guatemala has declared three days of national mourning after at least 25 people were killed in one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recent years. At least one village ne
BBC News with Cathy Clarkston. The Thai boys trapped in a cave complex for two weeks have written letters to their parents, reassuring them that they are all strong and telling them not to worry abou
Hello, Im Neil Nunes with the BBC News. The former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to return to the capital Kinshasa in the coming hours after m
Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News. Intelligence officials in the United State say spy satellites have detected renewed activity at a North Korean factory which has in the past produced in
Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC News. Zimbabweans are voting in the countrys first elections since Robert Mugabe was ousted in November. Mr. Mugabes successor and former close collea
BBC News. Im John Shea. The directors of CBS, one of the major US television networks say they will investigate claims of sexual misconduct and intimidation against its chairman and chief execut
Hello, This is David Austin with the BBC News. Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a US Cardinal over allegations that he sexually abused a teenager nearly fifty years ago. Theodore McCarric
BBC News with David Harper. The man who was leading Britain’s negotiations to leave the European Union has said the Prime Minister Theresa May’s policy on Brexit will leave parliament with illusory
BBC News. Flights have resumed between the capitals of Ethiopia and Eritrea. They have been suspended because of 20 years of hostility between the countries. Just over a week ago, the countries signe
BBC旧事[翻译]:巴基斯坦重新举行推举 希腊山火已致74人殒命2018-07-28
Im Stewart Macintosh with the BBC News, hello. Voting is underway in Pakistan following an election campaign thats been marred by violence and accusations of military interference. Secunder
BBC旧事[翻译]:中国彻查询题疫苗 行业股价暴涨2018-07-26
Hello, This is Kathy Clugston with the BBC News. President Trump has warned Iran that it will face consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered if it threatens the United
BBC旧事[翻译]:雅典度假胜地大火 至多50人殒命2018-07-26
Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC News. At least fifty people have been killed in Greece as wildfires continue to ravage coastal towns and holiday resorts near Athens. The deaths include the dis
BBC旧事[翻译]:加沙重燃烽火 日本继续低温气候2018-07-24
Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC News. The Congressman Pablo Casado has been elected the leader of Spains conservative Peoples Party. He is expected to take the party further to the r
BBC News with David Austin. Ahead of his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump has said relations between the US and Russia have never been worse. Thanks, he said, to yea
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