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CRI在线收听:Environmental cleanup in Gannan region benefit local people2018-08-18
Starting in March 2015, local governments started a campaign to clean up the towns and cities in Gannan, vowing to clean the trash from the environment.
CRI在线收听:China releases yellow book on Africa2018-08-16
In light of next months Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has released their latest report that looks at development across the African continent.
CRI在线收听:Zimbabwe celebrates Defence Forces Day2018-08-15
Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is pledging more efforts to improve the competencies of the countrys army.
CRI在线收听:China's grain companies turn to alternative soybean supply sources2018-08-15
Chinas grain enterprises are turning to alternative sources for soybean imports, given the reduction of soybean imports from the United States amid the trade frictions between the two countries.
CRI在线收听:IMUSE in Bejing: Innovation is the future2018-08-15
The opening ceremony of a China-US student exchange program has been held in Beijing at Tsinghua University.
CRI在线收听:Consumption upgrades inside a "shopping basket"2018-08-14
With salaries going up across China, and the Belt and Road increasing access to Europe and beyond, more and more Chinese consumers are turning to imported goods at supermarkets.
CRI在线收听:The Belt and Road gives boost to Ningbo-Zhoushan port2018-08-14
Authorities in charge of the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port in Zhejiang are suggesting the Belt and Road Initative has created a need for an expansion of their facilities.
CRI在线收听:Regional coordination, key to Shanghai's Technology corridor2018-08-14
Science and technology have been an important factor in Shanghais economic growth in the past two decades, helping to increase productivity in manufacturing.
CRI在线收听:China Post builds air corridors for Belt and Road Initiative2018-08-13
Friday has marked the first anniversary of the opening of the first direct Chinese air-postal route linking the eastern province of Zhejiang with Russia. The logistics link is one of many connections which have been created among China and countries along the Belt and Road.
CRI在线收听:Nanjing seeks upgraded cultural and art development2018-08-10
The Streaming down the Yangtze team is in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province and the second largest city in East China.
CRI在线收听:Tongling: a copper city's now and past2018-08-09
The Streaming down the Yangtze team has arrived in the city of Tongling, Anhui Province. Owing to its copper deposits, it was an important center in ancient China for bronze production.
CRI在线收听:Poyang Lake: a water coordinator of Yangtze2018-08-08
Poyang Lake, which connects to the Yangtze River near the city of Jiujiang, is the largest freshwater lake in China.
CRI在线收听:Yangtze River says no to finless porpoise extinction2018-08-08
The Yangtze River is a major habitant for finless porpoise, an aquatic marine mammal close to dolphins.
CRI在线收听:China's Optic Valley taking shape in Wuhan2018-08-06
Reporters on the Streaming down the Yangtze River tour have arrived in Hubeis capital, Wuhan. They have visited the East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, a national innovation demonstration zone, which is also known as Chinas Optic Valley.
CRI在线收听:Sinopec Jiujiang on the path to greener production2018-08-06
The Streaming down the Yangtze team has arrived in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. CRI Reporter Yang Guang visited Sinopec Jiujiang branch, the leading petrol and diesel producer in Jiangxi.
CRI在线收听:Changsha's manufacturing turning smarter2018-08-04
The city of Changsha, capital of central Chinas Hunan Province, is considered one of the manufacturing centers of China.The industrial development is now turning increasingly more innovative.
CRI在线收听:Climbing the Yueyang Tower, a pearl beside Yangtze2018-08-02
The Streaming down the Yangtze team has arrived in the city of Yueyang, Hunan Province and visited Yueyang Tower, a famous local site.
CRI在线收听:China-US trade deficit is not so important: US strategist2018-08-02
Observers from the US and Chian have met in Beijing to discussing the future of trade between the two sides amid the current trade frictions.
CRI在线收听:Zimbabwe holds historic election2018-07-31
Zimbabwe has held its first general election after the resignation of its former leader Robert Mugabe.CRIs Gao Junya has details from Zimbabwe.
CRI在线收听:A transition from automotive component manufacturer to internationalized clean energy company2018-07-30
Wanxiang Group, a major automotive component manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, is transitioning into an international clean energy company.
CRI在线收听:International Army Games 2018 kick off in China2018-07-30
The International Army Games 2018 have kicked off in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Fujian Province.17 teams with over 350 soldiers from 11 countries are participating.
CRI在线收听:Trash collection project aims cleaner Yangtze River2018-07-30
Collecting trash from the Yangtze River is a major undertaking in southwest Chinas Chongqing Municipality.
CRI在线收听:Foreign companies pin high hope on China's first import expo2018-07-29
Foreign companies are said to be pinning high hopes on the forthcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.
CRI在线收听:Chongqing's national and international roles2018-07-29
The Streaming Down the Yangtze team has arrived in Chongqing. This is where the team will officially begin its 2-week trek down the Yangtze River.
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