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[00:03.10]His cake is three times bigger than mine. 他的蛋糕比我的大三倍。

[00:11.41]I am looking forward to your early reply. 盼望早日失掉你的回答。

[00:19.65]I could say nothing but that I was sorry. 我除了说“对不起”之外,什么也说不出来。

[00:29.05]I don't know how to express my gratitude. 我不晓得怎样来表达我的感谢之情。我要赶飞机

[00:39.70]I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry?你能快点吗?我良久没有她的音讯了。

[00:48.38]I haven't heard from her for a long time. 我良久没有她的音讯了。

[00:56.08]I would like to wash the clothes for you. 我情愿帮你洗这些衣服。

[01:03.61]Let me see your driver's license, please. 请让我看看你的驾驶执照。

[01:11.92]She goes to work every day except Sunday. 除星期天外,他每天去下班。

[01:20.82]Take a seat please, make yourself at home. 请坐,随意一点。

[01:28.63]The damage was caused by external forces. 侵害是由外力惹起的。

[01:36.44]The doctor advised me to give up smoking. 大夫发起我戒烟。

[01:43.57]The flowers make the room more beautiful. 花使房间变得愈加美了。

[01:51.24]There is a good restaurant on the street. 那条大街上有一个很好的餐馆。

[01:59.48]They covered 120 miles in a single night. 他们仅一夜就走了120英里路。

[02:08.62]Try to look on the bright side of things. 只管即便从好的方面看。

[02:16.15]What's your plan for the summer vacation? 你寒假计划干什么?

[02:23.49]You may pick whichever one you like best. 你可以挑你最喜好的。

[02:30.66]You're welcome to stay with us next time. 欢送您下次再莅临我们的饭馆。

[02:39.04]There was a murder in London yesterday. 昨天伦敦发作了一同行刺案。

[02:47.07]They stared at the huge tiger with awe. 他们敬畏地看着那头巨虎。

[02:54.81]He never misses a chance to see a movie. 他从不错过看影戏的时机。

[03:03.13]I cannot put up with my noisy roommates. 我受不了我那些喧华的室友了。

[03:11.55]I will be back by the end of next month. 我下个月尾会返来。

[03:18.86]I'm good at freestyle and breast stroke. 我善于自在泳和蛙泳。

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