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英语口语999句 Lesson33在线听附LRC字幕


[00:03.10]She feared staying alone in the farmhouse. 她惧怕一团体留在农舍里。

[00:11.95]She guided the tourists around the castle. 她引导旅游者观赏了这座城堡。

[00:20.73]She runs everyday in order to lose weight. 她每天都跑步是为了减肥。

[00:28.65]She sang perfectly in the hall last night. 她昨晚在大厅唱得十分好。

[00:36.90]Somebody is always complaining to others. 有人总是向他人埋怨。

[00:44.82]They don't often have a bad day this year. 他们往年的运气还不错。

[00:52.56]We regard the matter as nothing important. 我们以为这件事变不紧张。

[01:00.44]We'll take our holiday sometime in August. 我们将在八月份的某个时分休假。

[01:09.51]Could you direct me to the station, please? 叨教到车站怎样走?

[01:17.00]Have you cleared your luggage with customs? 你的行李通关了吗?

[01:23.84]He bothered me with a great many questions. 他对我提了一大堆题目,真烦!

[01:32.01]He does exercises every day in the morning. 他每天早上教练身材。

[01:39.93]How do I control myself? I can't calm down. 我怎能控制我本人?我无法岑寂上去。

[01:50.70]I dig songs and I like pop music very much. 我特殊喜好歌曲和盛行音乐。

[02:00.16]I'd like to cash a traveler's check please. 我想兑换游览支票。

[02:07.72]I'd like to pick sea shells this afternoon. 明天下战书我想去捡贝壳。

[02:16.08]It's odd that they didn't reply our letter. 他们没有给我们复书,这真奇异。

[02:24.36]John seldom gets together with his friends. 约翰很少与冤家聚在一同。

[02:32.71]Many people have been out of work recently. 近来有很多人赋闲。

[02:39.91]Please give my best regards to your family. 请代我向你们百口致以最诚挚的问候。

[02:48.87]Some people have compared books to friends. 有些人把书比作冤家。

[02:56.58]The bat together with the balls was stolen. 球拍和球全被偷了。

[03:04.21]The color of her dress suits her very well. 她衣服的颜色很合适她。

[03:12.20]The days get longer and the nights get shorter. 白昼变长了,黑夜变短了。

[03:20.44]The dress doesn't fit her. She is too thin. 这件衣服不合适她,她太瘦了。

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