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体育美语 Sports English:044 篮球 - Basketball


P: (Dribbling a basketball) Ok, I'm warmed up and ready. Are you ready to lose at another sport to me, Yang Chen?

Y: I'm totally ready.

P: To lose?

Y: Not to lose.

P: Well, be prepared to get schooled.

Y: School? 我早就结业了。 I am smart, and educated.

P: Well, you may be educated, but getting schooled or to get schooled, means to get embarrassed by someone who has superior skill compared to you in head-to-head competition. You can get schooled or you can school someone. So get ready to get schooled, Yang Chen.

Y: Come on, Patrick. 我明天要给你点儿颜色看看。

P: Don't believe me? Well, you have been on a losing streak lately. I beat you in every game we've played so far.

Y: 什么是losing streak?

P: Losing streak means someone or a team has lost a number of consecutive games without a single win.

Y: 除了体育,还可以用在另外中央吗?

P: Of course! If you're a lawyer, and you lost three cases in a row, you're on a losing streak!

Y: How about dating, 我记得你延续被三个女孩儿回绝,那我可不行以说: you're on a losing streak?

P: Hey! It's not three. It's ---

Y: Oh, my apology, it's not three, it's five, 你被五个女孩儿回绝,hahaha!

P: Ok, Yang Chen. This is motivating me to end my losing streak and find a girl friend!

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