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体育美语 Sports English:049 游泳 - Swimming


Y: 各人好。我是杨晨。

P: 我是Patrick。

Y: Patrick, are you ready for the pool?

P: Oh yeah, I've got my bathing suit, my goggles....

Y: 这个帽子好可笑,是干什么用的?

P: This is my swim cap.

Y: It's so ugly.

P: It keeps the chlorine out of my hair and it lets me swim faster. Are you going to do some laps?

Y: Laps?

P: You know, swimming in the lane back and forth a few times for exercise.

Y: Oh, doing laps便是在游泳池里一趟一趟地来回游。 怪不得前次我买游泳衣,谁人伙计问我Are you just doing laps? 不外,Swimming laps sounds like too much work. 我照旧晒太阳好了。

P: It is a good workout. So what style are you best at?

Y: 我喜好backstroke仰泳。

P: Backstroke isn't bad, but you should check out my butterfly stroke (Splash Sound). Way better.

Y: 蝶泳是很帅。

P: You should check it out. Watch.

Y: That's a butterfly? 我看你不像蝴蝶,却是像个蚂蚱。

P: I don't look like a grasshopper. Are you going to get in or just stand there CRIticizing?

Y: Ok, Ok, I'm coming in, 不外我要跳水。

P: Dive in? Remember not to dive in the shallow end!

Y: Why not?

P: That's the part that is not deep enough to dive in. Do you want to hit your head?

Y: Here I go! (splash)

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20100915/27017.html