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[00:00.00] UNIT 4

[00:02.98] My School things

[00:06.53]A Point and say. Listen.

[00:12.77] It's rubber. It's a pencil.

[00:18.63] Now say

[00:21.68] It's rubber. It's a pencil.

[00:33.23]a ruler a bag

[00:43.39]a rubber a pen

[00:53.97]a pencil a pencil case

[01:02.22]B Say and act. Listen

[01:13.09]1 This is my bag. This is my ruler.

[01:19.28] Now say.

[01:22.44] This is my bag. This is my ruler.

[01:34.59]C Storytime

[01:38.53]1 Oh, no!My balloon! Sorry,Pat.

[01:45.90]2 Goodbye,Tim.

[01:55.80]3 What's this? It's my bag!

[02:03.85]4 Pat, this is my ballon. Sorry ,Tim.

[02:11.58]E Listen,say and colour.

[02:16.44] Listen and say. Listen.

[02:21.79]Ll leg Mm mother Nn name

[02:41.36]Now say.

[02:44.39]Ll leg Mm mother Nn name

[03:12.65]Find and colour the letters.

[03:16.49]G Listen, circle and sing.

[03:21.95] Here's a rubber. Here's a pencil and a pen.

[03:35.30] Here's a pencil case.Here's a book.Here's a bag. I like this game.

[04:10.75] UNIT 5 Revision

[04:21.49]A Look, do and say.

[04:26.55]2 Good morning !How are you ? Fine,thank you.

[04:32.30]3 I'm Bill.What's your name?My name's Jojo.

[04:38.78]4 Goodbye,Jojo. Goodbye,Bill.

[04:43.22]B Listen,circle and colour.

[04:48.18] 1 It's a desk.

[04:56.36] 2 It's a ruler.

[05:10.80] 3 It's a pen.

[05:22.77] 4 My name's Pat.

[05:36.04]D Listen, read and tick.

[05:40.69]1 Hello,Tim.Here's my rubber. Hello, John.Here's my rubber.

[05:52.94]2 Oh,no!

[05:51.94]3 This is my rubber! John,it's my rubber!

[06:03.28]4 Sorry,Miss Wang.

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