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[00:00.00] Unit 9 Christmas

[00:04.60]A Look and say.Listen

[00:12.36]What do you do at Chiristmas?

[00:16.72]We make cards.

[00:20.79]Now say. What do you do at Chiristmas?

[00:30.46]We make cards.

[00:36.21]make cards wrap presents

[00:47.28]eat turkey get presents

[00:59.12]give presents see Grandma and Grandpa

[01:10.66]B say and act Listen

[01:16.90]What are you doing? I'm making toys.

[01:23.41]Now say.What are you doing ?I'm making toys.

[01:39.58]C Storytime.

[01:44.18]What are you doing? I'm making some toys.

[01:52.04]What are you doing? I'm wrapping some presents.

[01:58.91]Santa!What are you doing?

[02:04.47]I'm giving presents to all the children.Merry Chiristmas!

[02:13.33]Here's a cake.Thank you.

[02:20.28]Oh,no!Dad?Santa's busy now.Go to bed.

[02:30.54]E Say the sound and the words.Listen

[02:37.81]wr write wrong wrap

[02:45.88]Now say.

[02:48.93]wr write wrong wrap

[03:07.09]Match the presents and say the words.

[03:12.13]Don't wrap the wrong present.

[03:16.70]Don't write the wrong name.

[03:20.96]G Listen,dance and sing.

[03:27.12]We wish you merry Christmas.We wish you merry Christmas.

[03:39.79]We wish you merry Christmas.And a happy New Year.

[04:02.96]Unit 10 Prevision

[04:16.10]B Listen and draw lines.

[04:22.14]What time is it,Sally?

[04:26.58]It's three o'clock,grandma.

[04:31.02]What's the weather like?

[04:35.28]It's hot.Take off your sweater.


[04:47.09]Hello,dear,what time is it in China?

[04:53.75]It's five o'clock.

[04:57.59]What's the weather like?

[05:01.66]It's wet.Oh,no ,don't forget your umbrella.


[05:14.57]Hello,what time is it in China?

[05:20.34]It's four o'clock.I see.

[05:25.90]What's the weather like?

[05:29.85]It's dry. Good,put on your hat.


[05:41.84]Hello,dear,what time is it in China?

[05:48.50]It's seven o'clock, grandma.

[05:52.76]Oh,what's the weather like?

[05:58.11]It's cold. Oh,dear,put on your sweater.


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