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[00:00.00] Unit 5 Revision

[00:04.18]D Listen and tick(√) or cross(×).

[00:10.66]Hi,John,can you help me ?

[00:15.10]I can't find my timetable.

[00:19.36]What lesson do we have on monday morning?

[00:24.22]let me see.

[00:27.27]Oh,yes.At einght o'clock we have english.

[00:32.55]Yes,English.At eight fifty we have music.

[00:39.63]Oh,music at eight fifty.

[00:44.49]At nine fifty

[00:48.04]Yes.Then at ten forty we have maths.

[00:54.20]And then we have lunch at one thirty we have PE.

[01:02.56]PE then at two thirty we have chinese.

[01:09.33]Ok,thanks John.See you on English class.

[01:15.49]Unit 6 At home

[01:26.67]A.Look and say. Listen

[01:32.53]What's this? It's the living room.

[01:38.48]Now say

[01:41.64]What's this? It's the living room.

[01:51.20]a bedroom

[01:55.77]the bathroom

[02:00.42]the living room

[02:05.07]the dining room

[02:09.83]the kitchen

[02:14.37]B.Say and act. Listen

[02:19.94]Where are you? I'm in the living room.

[02:24.98]What are you doing? I'm watching TV.

[02:30.15]Now say

[02:33.08]Where are you? I'm in the living room.

[02:41.83]What are you doing? I'm watching TV.


[02:56.43]1.Hello?Anybody home?

[03:01.29]Quick,run!A girl is coming.What's she doing?

[03:09.75]She's in the kitchen. She's sitting on your chair.

[03:16.31]The food is good. She's eating our food!

[03:22.87]Where's the bedroom? This is our house.

[03:31.12]You're sleeping in my bed!

[03:35.56]Good! She's running away.

[03:43.50]Now we can have our breakfast.

[03:48.18]E.say the sounds and the words.


[03:56.80]sl sleep slide

[04:02.86]pl play please

[04:08.74]Now say

[04:11.79]sl sleep slide

[04:23.86]pl play please

[04:36.24]Tick the correct picture.

[04:39.48]Say the rhyme.

[04:42.44]A small dog is sleeping.On the slide near the tree.

[04:49.49]Please small dog,Get up and play with me.

[04:56.33]G.Listen point and sing.

[05:02.39]Where's Lisa's dad?Where's Lise's dad?

[05:12.14]Where's Lise's dad?He's in the bedroom.

[05:17.91]What's her dad doing?What's her dad doing?

[05:23.84]What's her dad doing?He's sleeping.

[05:29.77]Where's Lisa's mum?Where's Lisa's mum?

[05:39.64]Where's Lisa's mum She is in a living room.

[05:45.29]What's her mum doing?What's her mum doing?

[05:51.24]What's her mum doing?She is watching TV.

[05:57.20]Where's Lisa's grandma?Where's Lisa's grandma?

[06:07.15]Where's Lisa's grandma?She is in a bathroom.

[06:12.72]What's her grandma doing?What's her grandma doing?

[06:19.17]What's her grandma doing?She is washing.

[06:25.05]Where's Lisa's grandpa?Where's Lisa's grandpa?

[06:35.00]Where's Lisa's grandpa?He is in the kitchen.

[06:40.43]What's her grandpa doing?What's her grandpa doing?

[06:46.78]What's her grandpa doing?He is cooking.

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