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[00:00.00] Unit 2 Places near home

[00:05.59]A. Point and say Listen

[00:12.36]This is City Centre.

[00:16.90]Is there a bookshop?Yes,there is.

[00:22.96]Now say.

[00:26.23]This is City Centre.

[00:32.39]Is there a bookshop?

[00:38.27]Yes,there is.

[00:43.91]a post office

[00:49.37]a restaurant

[00:54.83]a clinic

[00:59.59]a bookshop

[01:04.73]a supermarket

[01:10.30]a cinema

[01:17.14]B Say and act.Listen

[01:25.60]Where's the bookshop? It's in Yunnan Street.

[01:33.86]Now say.

[01:37.10]Where's the bookshop?

[01:42.92]It's in Yunnan Street.

[01:49.77]C Story time.

[01:54.63]Here's a letter. Here's five yuan.

[02:00.40]Please go to the post office and buy some stamps.

[02:06.88]Excuse me. Where's the Post office?

[02:12.44]It's in Zhongshan Street.

[02:16.28]Here's a cinema.Good!Here's a supermarket.Great!

[02:27.15]Excuse me.Where's the post office?

[02:32.82]It's over there.Oh,no!I have no money.

[02:43.68]E Say the sound and the words.


[02:52.70]C cinema icecreams dance circle

[03:03.93]Now say.

[03:10.48]C cinema icecreams dance circle

[03:32.14]Tick the correct pictures.

[03:36.01]Say the rhyme.

[03:39.35]I can dance in a circle.

[03:44.03]I can eat ice creams.

[03:48.39]I can go to the cinema,In my dreams.

[03:54.63]G Listen,write and sing.

[04:00.98]Where is the post office?Post office,post office?

[04:12.94]Where is the post office?It's in pink Street.

[04:19.60]where is the clinic? Clinic,clinic?

[04:32.07]Where is the clinic?it's in purple street.

[04:39.20]Where is the supermarket? Supermarket,supermarket?

[04:51.13]Where is the supermarket? It's in red street.

[04:57.77]Where is the restaurant? Restaurant,restaurant?

[05:10.13]Where is the restaurant?It's in yellow street.

[05:17.28]Where is the bookshop?Bookshop,bookshop?

[05:29.25]Where is the bookshop? It's in pink street.

[05:36.61]Where is the cinema?Cinema,cinema?

[05:48.68]Where is the cinema? It's in orange street.

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