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[00:00.00] Primary English for China People's book five

[00:30.41]Unit 1 My home

[00:35.27]A Look and say.

[00:41.93]That's Huayuan Estate.It's at twenty-five Tianjindong Street.

[00:49.68]Now say.

[00:52.64]That's Huayuan Estate.

[00:58.88]It's at twenty-five Tianjin dong Street.

[01:05.93]21 twenty-one

[01:11.00]22 twenty-two

[01:16.46]23 twenty-three

[01:21.42]24 twenty-four

[01:26.18]25 twenty-five

[01:31.22]26 twenty-six

[01:36.39]27 twenty-seven

[01:41.04]28 twenty-eight

[01:45.90]29 twenty-nine

[01:50.97]30 thirty

[01:55.62]40 fourty

[02:00.06]50 fifty

[02:04.50]60 sixty

[02:08.97]70 seventy

[02:13.62]80 eighty

[02:18.29]90 ninety

[02:25.87]100 one hundred

[02:30.60]B Say and act.Listen

[02:37.96]Where do you live?

[02:41.20]I live at 49 Fumin Street.

[02:40.20]I live in Flat 202,Block 6,Houshan Estate.

[02:49.95]Now say.

[02:52.98]Where do you live?

[02:58.30]I live at 49 Fumin Street.

[03:07.16]I live in Flat 202,Block 6,Houshan Estate.

[03:19.02]C Storytime.

[03:23.56]Look ,it's our old neighbour!

[03:28.92]Oh,yes.It's Uncle Zhang.

[03:34.09]Hello,Tom.Hello,Mrs Li.

[03:40.34]I can take you home.

[03:44.41]Where do you live now?

[03:48.56]Oh,thank you,Uncle Zhang.

[03:52.93]We live at 93 Shanxi Street now.

[03:59.69]Sorry,this isn't our estate.

[04:06.17]This eatate is small.

[04:10.32]Our estate is big.

[04:14.40]It has twenty-five blocks.

[04:19.13]Oh,no!We live in Flat 201 block 7,Panyu Estate.

[04:31.56]Is that your estate?

[04:35.53]Yes!That's our estate.

[04:41.10]This is Shanxi Street.

[04:45.46]Thank you ,Uncle Zhang

[04:49.12]E Say the sound and the words. Listen

[04:57.66]wh what where

[05:04.42]Now say. wh what where

[05:22.08]Circle the boy's friend.Say the rhyme.

[05:28.04]Where do you live? What's your name?

[05:34.80]Where's your friend? Let's play a game.

[05:41.07]G Listen,stick and chant.

[05:48.02]Little cat,little cat

[05:51.68]Where do you live ?

[05:54.84]I live in a park,in a park ,in a park,

[06:00.09]I live in a park in Tree Steet.

[06:04.84]Little bat,little bat,Where do you live?

[06:09.89]I live in a tree,in a tree,in a tree,

[06:16.05]I live in a tree,in Flower street.

[06:21.20]Little fish ,little fish,where do you live?

[06:26.55]I live in a pool,in a pool,in a pool,

[06:32.20]I live in a pool,in Water street.

[06:37.34]Little rabbit,little rabbit,where do you live?

[06:42.91]I live in a hole,in a hole,in a hole,

[06:48.36]I live in a hole,in Grass street.

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