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[00:00.00] unit 3 My day

[00:04.88]A.Act koko.Listen

[00:10.81]Tim's getting up. He's having breakfast.

[00:17.48]Now say

[00:20.43]Tim's getting up.He's having breakfast.

[00:31.37]go to school

[00:36.05]have lunch

[00:40.80]go home

[00:45.48]do homework

[00:50.21]have dinner

[00:54.86]go to bed

[00:59.43]B.Say and act.

[01:03.79]That's me.I get up at seven fifteen.

[01:09.67]When do you get up?

[01:13.01]Now say

[01:16.07]That's me.I get up at seven fifteen.

[01:21.95]When do you get up?

[01:27.09]C.Storytime We're back.I'm tired.

[01:36.65]Jenny,don't forget your homework.See you at dinnertime.

[01:43.31]Yes Mum.I'm getting up See you later.

[01:49.27]Oh no!It's six fifteen I usually do my homework at five thirty.

[01:58.52]When's Mum?

[02:01.55]It's eight forty-five.

[02:05.78]We usally have dinner at seven thirty.

[02:11.11]Where are you,Jenny?

[02:14.77]I'm here.I'm in bed.

[02:19.34]It's eleven forty-five I usually go to bed at nine thirty.

[02:27.20]No,it isn't.Your watch is wrong.It's London time.

[02:34.46]Oh,yes. It's four forty-five here.

[02:40.81]E.Say the sounds and the words.


[02:48.59]br brother breakfast

[02:53.06]fr friend fruit

[02:58.91]Now say

[03:02.15]br brother breakfast

[03:16.60]fr friend fruit

[03:29.45]Circle the correct breakfast.

[03:33.71]Say the rhyme.

[03:36.58]four thirty four thirty We go home at four thirty.

[03:46.25]When do you have dinner? When do you have dinner?

[03:52.20]six thirty six thirty We have dinner at six thirty.

[04:01.35]When do you do homework? When do you do homework?

[04:07.72]seven fourty-five seven fourty-five.

[04:13.65]We do homework at seven fourty-five.

[04:18.98]When do you go to bed? When do you go to bed?

[04:24.86]nine thirty nine thirty

[04:30.21]We go to bed at nice thirty.

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