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[00:00.00] Unit 2 Pet corner

[00:04.60]A.look and say Listen

[00:11.15]kittens drink water.

[00:14.99]Birds eat seeds.

[00:18.76]Now say

[00:21.81]kittens drink water.

[00:25.94]Birds eat seeds.

[00:30.90]a kitten a puppy a carrot

[00:45.06]cat food dog food

[00:54.52]water milk seeds

[01:08.08]fish food

[01:12.80]B.Say and act. Listen

[01:19.28]this is our rabbit.This is its food.

[01:25.16]Does it eat fish?No,it doesn't.It eats carrots.

[01:33.10]Does it drink water?yes,it does.

[01:38.98]Now say

[01:42.22]Does it eat fish?No,it doesn't.It eats carrots.

[01:54.47]Does it drink water?yes,it does.


[02:08.76]I'm going to Xi'an.Can you look after my kitten,Susie?

[02:15.92]Of course, Grandma.What does it eat?

[02:21.48]It eats cat food and fish.

[02:26.13]Does it drink milk? No, it doesn't.It drinks water.

[02:33.21]It plays with this ball. It can run and jump.

[02:40.86]You're thin,I like ice cream.You like ice cream,too.

[02:49.20]Here you are. Here you are.Eat some icecream.

[02:56.14]Don't give icecream to the Kitten.

[03:00.51]It doesn't eat it,Susie.

[03:04.66]Oh,dear!My kitten is fat now.It can't run,It can't jump.

[03:14.12]I'm sorry,Grandma.

[03:17.88]E.Say the sounds and the words.


[03:26.71]dr drink dress

[03:32.64]tr trousers tree

[03:38.38]Now say

[03:41.54]dr drink dress

[03:53.93]tr trousers tree

[04:07.28]Circle the correct girl.

[04:11.35]Say the rhyme.

[04:14.30]I wear trousers To climb a tree.

[04:19.66]I wear a dress To drink my tea.

[04:25.12]G.Listen numder and sing.

[04:31.57]1 I have a cat.Its name is Pat Cat.

[04:45.73]It doesn't eat carrots. And it doesn't eat seeds.

[04:52.08]It eats fish Every day.

[04:58.24]I hope that my cat doesn't run away.

[05:06.70]2 I have a fish .Its name is Swim fish.

[05:19.37]It doesn't eat carrots and seeds.

[05:25.62]It eats fish food every day.

[05:31.68]I hope that does't swim away.

[05:43.54]3 I have a rabbit,It seems a Rabbit rabbit.

[05:52.00]It doesn't eat fish and doesn't eat seeds.

[05:58.37]It eat carrots every day,I hope my rabbit doesn't hop away.

[06:13.34]4 I have a bird ,Its name is Bird bird .

[06:23.29]It doesn't eat carrots and seeds don't eat fish.

[06:30.16]It eat seeds every day .

[06:35.62]I hope my bird doesn't fly away.

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