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[00:00.00] Unit10 Revision

[00:04.28]D Bob is moving to a new house.

[00:10.24]Listen and write a "√"or "×"in each box.

[00:16.80]Hi,Bob.Hi,Candy.Tell me about your new house.

[00:24.24]Will it be big?

[00:28.00]Yes,it will.I have a big room too.

[00:34.25]Vow,what will you have in your room?

[00:39.81]Well,I will take my computer with me.

[00:45.37]That'a nice.Will you have a telephone?

[00:50.73]Yes,I will.I have a sofa too.

[00:56.79]Will you have a radio?Yes ,I like music.

[01:03.56]You like your new house?

[01:07.92]Yes,I think so.Oh,come on This is you .

[01:13.98]Sure.That's the end of Primary English for China .

[01:21.35]People's Book Eight.

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