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[00:00.00] Unit 9 Festivals

[00:04.49]A Koko is asking Pat about festivals.Listen,look and say.

[00:14.84]When's Easter?It's in spring.

[00:20.48]What do you do at Easter?

[00:24.63]We eat chocolate eggs.



[00:34.61]eat chocolate eggs.

[00:38.45]the Dragon Boat Festival

[00:42.21]watch boat races


[00:49.03]go "trick or treat"


[00:55.35]get presents

[00:58.59]Chinese New Year

[01:02.25]get lucky money

[01:05.72]Now say


[01:11.39]eat chocolate eggs.

[01:15.15]the Dragon Boat Festival

[01:18.99]watch boat races


[01:25.68]go "trick or treat"


[01:32.08]get presents

[01:35.24]Chinese New Year

[01:38.90]get lucky money

[01:42.27]B1 The children are talking about their favourite festival.

[01:50.13]Listen and act.

[01:53.68]1 Which is your favourite festival,Pat?

[02:00.03]I like Christmas.Why do you like it?

[02:05.60]Because we can get present at christmas.

[02:10.56]B2 Now listen and check your answers.

[02:17.40]My favourite festival is the Dragon Boat FestivalIt's in summer.

[02:26.36]We watch boat races.Which is your favouritest festival?

[02:33.31]My favouritest festival is Halloween.

[02:38.48]It is not terrible.We go to "trick or treat".

[02:44.55]Which is your favouritest festival?

[02:48.80]I like Easter.It's in spring,Why do you like it?

[02:56.07]Because we can eat chocolate eggs in Easter.

[03:01.03]B3 Which festivals do they like?

[03:06.78]Listen and write numbers.

[03:10.72]1 Which is your favouritest festival ,Mum?

[03:16.68]I like the Dragon Boat Festival.Why?

[03:23.23]Because it's in summer. And I like the rice dumplings.

[03:29.48]2 Which is your favouritest festival,Dad?

[03:35.72]It's in spring,we eat chocolate eggs.

[03:42.20]Oh,you like Easter.

[03:46.77]3 Which is your favouritest festival,grandpa?

[03:53.61]I like Halloween.Why?

[03:58.58]Because lots of chilren go "trick or treat".

[04:04.45]It's fun.Which is your favouritest festival,grandma?

[04:13.81]I like Chinese New Year.Me too.Why?

[04:20.88]Because I can get lots of lucky money.

[04:27.05]C Halloween



[04:36.87]Halloween is on October 31 every year.

[04:43.43]Children like this festival very much.

[04:47.79]They wear costumes,play games and get lots of sweets.

[04:54.92]Trick or Treat Children knock on their neighbour's doors.

[05:01.58]They say "Trick or treat?

[05:00.58]"People usually give sweets or fruit to the children.

[05:05.91]These are the treats.

[05:09.57]Sometimes,older children play tricks.

[05:14.64]A jack-o'-lantern

[05:17.98]This is a special lantern for Halloween.

[05:22.74]People make this lantern from a pumpkin.

[05:27.70]Which is your favourite costume?

[05:31.77]E Say the sound and the words.Listen






[05:54.76]Now say






[06:12.86]Say the poem

[06:16.03]Come to Australia. Don't come in August.Come in autumn.

[06:23.57]That's when we Barbecue sausages. In a big saucepan.

[06:29.95]Listen and circle the same letters with the same sound.

[06:36.01]1 August

[06:40.76]2 arm

[06:44.52]3 naughty

[06:48.57]4 aunt

[06:52.20]G Listen,number and chant.

[06:58.24]Hey,it's winter!There'll be Christmas gifts and cheer.

[07:11.09]And soon,it'll be a new year.

[07:17.44]Hey,it's winter!We'll celebrate Chinese New Year.

[07:28.70]Come on.Let's decorate.

[07:35.78]Hey,it's spring !There'll be Easter eggs to find.

[07:44.42]Where are they all?Over there! Look behind!

[07:53.49]Hey,its autumn!Halloween will be fun.

[08:01.95]Children will dress up and meet And say trick or treat.

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