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[00:00.00]Unit 8 Helping tourists

[00:05.38]A Pat meets a tourist.Look,listen and say.

[00:13.92]Excuse me.

[00:17.16]Can I help you?

[00:20.32]Yes,please.Where is the Longhua Temple?

[00:26.57]Let's look at the map.

[00:30.33]Oh,here it is.


[00:36.73]The Airport

[00:39.89]Chinese Art Museum

[00:44.15]Longhua Temple

[00:47.70]Train Station

[00:50.86]Garden Hotel

[00:54.23]City Stadium

[00:57.68]Now say

[01:00.84]The Airport

[01:05.49]Chinese Art Museum

[01:11.55]Longhua Temple

[01:16.72]Train Station

[01:21.48]Garden Hotel

[01:26.44]City Stadium

[01:31.48]B1 Pat and Tim are helping other tourists.

[01:38.56]Listen and act.

[01:42.11]1 Which bus goes to the airport,please?

[01:48.67]Bus No106 goes to the airport.

[01:54.83]Where's the bus stop?

[01:58.39]It's over there,on the right.

[02:02.75]B2 Pat's mum is helping a tourist.

[02:08.91]Listen,look and act.

[02:13.28]Hello.Where's the Toy Museum,please?

[02:18.63]Turn left at the library.

[02:22.79]Go straight down TingVOA.com Street.

[02:27.54]The Toy Museum is beside the bank.

[02:32.22]B3 Look at the map in B2.Listen and write numbers.

[02:40.97]1 Where is this place?Can you tell me the way?

[02:47.63]Go straight down Beihai Road,turn left at the hotel,

[02:54.79]It's on the right beside the hotel.

[02:59.46]2 And this?Where is this?

[03:05.81]Go straight down Beihai Road again,turn right at the school.

[03:13.46]It's beside the school.

[03:17.12]3 Let's see your last. This is a nice place.

[03:25.37]Go straight down Beihai Road,turn right at Zhongshan Street.

[03:33.52]It's right there.

[03:36.69]4 Oh,this place is fun.

[03:42.54]Go straight down Beihai Road,turn left at the park,

[03:49.69]It's on the right beside the park.

[03:54.37]C A story : Bob's holiday


[04:02.94]Bob and his family are on holiday.

[04:07.98]They cannot find the bus station.

[04:13.44]Excuse me.Where's the bus station,Please?

[04:19.21]I'm going to the bus station now.

[04:23.37]You can follow me.Here you are .

[04:28.41]Thank you.You're welcome.

[04:32.77]Now I need to get on that bus.Goodbye.

[04:36.87]It is very crowded on the bus.

[04:41.13]Sorry,you cann't get on.

[04:45.57]But I need to get on the bus .I'm the driver!

[04:51.21]E Say the sound and the words.

[04:57.09]a camera panda banana Linda

[05:07.44]Now say

[05:10.49]a camera panda banana Linda

[05:19.27]Say the rhyme.

[05:22.32]Please,Linda.Don't give a banana to my friend,the panda.

[05:29.87]And watch out!Your camera!

[05:34.45]Listen and circle the same letters with same sound.

[05:41.11]1 grandma

[05:45.47]2 Canada

[05:49.54]3 flower

[05:53.38]4 water

[05:57.54]G Listen,point and chant.

[06:04.38]When you travel far,You can always go by car.

[06:14.65]You can also take a train or you can get on a plane.

[06:21.52]If you go by boat,You'd better take a coat .

[06:32.46]But there's no need to fuss.When you hop on a bus.

[06:42.63]When you go somewhere near,Just turn left there and turn right here.

[06:50.67]You can walk down the street On your own two feet!

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