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[00:00.00]Unit7 Future living

[00:05.49]A The children are at Dr Jeckel's lab.

[00:12.33]Listen,look and act.

[00:16.69]Hi,Dr Jeckel.What's new in your lab?

[00:22.26]Hello,Pat.Hello,Koko.There's a radio.

[00:29.62]There's a sofa.There are DVDs and DVD player.

[00:37.88]What's upstairs?Listen

[00:43.15]a lamp a vase stairs a sofa

[00:52.72]a telephone a DVD player DVDs

[01:01.26]a radio

[01:04.21]Now say

[01:07.27]a lamp a vase stairs a sofa

[01:23.80]a telephone a DVD player DVDs

[01:38.38]a radio

[01:43.11]B1 Dr Jeckel has a new machine.

[01:49.74]Listen and act Pat and Koko.

[01:55.38]1 Come and see this machine,Pat and Koko.

[02:03.14]You can see the house of the future.

[02:08.18]2 I can see it.There will be lamps.

[02:15.44]Will there be stairs?No,there won't.

[02:21.09]B3 Listen and put tick or across in each box.

[02:29.92]1 The robot can do other things too.

[02:36.79]Will it walk to school with us?Yes,it will.

[02:43.24]2 Will it do our homework?

[02:49.01]No,it won't .You should do your homework.

[02:55.18]3 Will it play badminton?Em,no,It won't.

[03:05.34]4 How about cakes?Will it make cakes?

[03:12.50]Yes,It will.They will taste very good.

[03:19.55]5 Will it wash our clothes?No,It won't.

[03:27.28]6 Will it read books to us?

[03:32.92]Oh,yes,It will read ,it like books a lot.

[03:39.59]C Space Hotel.Listen

[03:45.83]Fly to the sky! Stay in the Space Hotel.See the Earth!

[03:54.27]Walk in space!

[03:57.64]Our hotel is in the space,far above the Earth.

[04:04.09]Form our windows you can see the stars and the Earth.

[04:10.85]You will go to the hotel in a small spaceship.

[04:16.60]We have large rooms in our hotel and great food in our restaurants.

[04:24.78]You can also try and walk in space.

[04:29.43]For a fun holiday,come to the Space Hotel.

[04:35.67]Can we go there for our next holidsay?Sure.

[04:41.63]Will I see the Earth?

[04:45.15]Yes,you'll see the Earth and lots of stars.

[04:51.81]I can't wait!Let's go now.Yeah!

[04:57.74]E Say the sound and the words.Listen






[05:19.45]Now say






[05:44.22]Say the rhyme

[05:47.45]My clever baby elephant,Has grown and grown.

[05:54.51]He knows the alphabet,Draws graphs.

[06:00.57]And answers the telephone!

[06:04.54]Listen and circle the same letters with the same sound.

[06:10.70]1 phone

[06:14.78]2 friend

[06:18.72]3 laugh

[06:22.88]4 photo

[06:27.24]G Listen,match and chant.

[06:32.80]Will we still travel in trains?Will there still be planes?

[06:43.85]Ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh,What will we do?Fifty years from now?

[06:52.81]Will we watch our old TVs?Will we keep our old DVDs?

[07:01.56]Ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh,What will we do?Fifty years from now?

[07:11.02]Will we live in a house?Will a cat still chase a mouse?

[07:19.38]Ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh,What will we do?Fifty years from now?

[07:26.82]Will we go to school?Will we swim in a swimming pool?

[07:37.40]Ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh What will we do? Fifty years from now?

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