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[00:00.00] Unit 6 Plants

[00:04.60]A The chlidren are in a science lesson.

[00:10.95]Look,listen and say.

[00:15.31]1 We want to grow some tomatoes.

[00:21.66]What does our plant need?

[00:25.50]It needs a small pot of soil.

[00:30.22]It needs a lot of light.

[00:34.19]It needs water,too.

[00:37.75]How often should we water the plant?

[00:42.71]Let's find out.


[00:48.90]a little water

[00:52.38]a small pot

[00:55.61]a lot of water

[00:58.98]a lot of light

[01:02.22]a large pot

[01:05.57]a little light

[01:08.81]Now say

[01:11.76]a little water

[01:16.90]a small pot

[01:21.97]a lot of water

[01:27.12]a lot of light

[01:32.29]a large pot

[01:37.25]a little light

[01:42.22]B1 The children are going to do an experiment.Listen and act.

[01:51.28]1 We are going to do an experiment.

[01:57.76]Here are three tomato plants.

[02:02.31]2 Group 1,give this plant a little water once a day.

[02:11.37]Guess.What will happen?It will grow quickly.


[02:21.09]grow quickly.

[02:24.35]grow slowly


[02:30.15]Now say

[02:33.10]grow quickly

[02:37.96]grow slowly


[02:47.18]B2 Now the chlidren are going to do another experiment.

[02:54.26]Listen,write and act.

[02:58.52]1 What do plants need?Can you remember?

[03:05.29]Yes,plants need soil,water and light.

[03:12.65]2 Will this plant grow?

[03:17.90]No,It won't.It needs light.

[03:23.36]3 Will this plant grow?

[03:28.54]No,It won't.It needs a large pot.

[03:34.39]4 Will this plant grow?

[03:39.56]No,It won't.It needs water and soil.

[03:46.32]B3 Listen and circle.

[03:51.68]Plant 1 This plant has no water.

[03:57.64]It won't grow.

[04:00.80]Plant 2 This plant needs light.It won't grow.

[04:09.26]Plant 3 We water this plant twice a week,

[04:15.71]we give it a lot of light and a large pot.

[04:21.64]It will grow quickly.

[04:25.09]Plant 4 We water this plant three times a week.

[04:32.46]But it needs light.It won't grow.

[04:38.20]Plant 5 This plant has good soil.

[04:45.15]It's in a small pot.We give it a little water once a day.

[04:53.20]It will grow.

[04:56.25]Plant 6 This plant has a lot of lightIt only has a little soil and water.

[05:07.20]It won't grow.

[05:10.36]C A TV show.Listen

[05:16.73]I love flowers.

[05:20.50]I want to learn about flowers.

[05:25.04]Oh,there will be a TV show about flowers tonight.

[05:31.39]Let's watch it.

[05:34.55]At seven o'clock First,seeds fall on the grond.

[05:42.13]Their roots go into the soil.

[05:46.49]Next,a plant grows.

[05:50.56]It needs water and light.Then,a flower grows.

[05:58.50]After that,bees come to the flower.

[06:03.55]The flower makes new seeds.

[06:07.80]The seeds fall to the ground again.

[06:11.96]The wind takes the seeds to new soil.

[06:17.00]New plants,flowers and seeds grow again.

[06:23.06]E Say the sound and the words.


[06:31.47]igh bright light right night

[06:41.21]Now say

[06:44.24]igh bright light right night

[07:02.90]Say the rhyme.

[07:05.95]I'm a small brown seed.I grow day and night.

[07:13.08]I always need Water and light To help me grow right.

[07:21.03]Listen and circle the same letters with the same sound.

[07:27.56]1 neighbour

[07:31.92]2 night

[07:35.97]3 bright

[07:40.33]4 eight

[07:44.27]G Listen,chant and number.

[07:49.63]My flower is growing.It's yellow and red.

[08:00.18]At night,it sleeps.In the flower bed!

[08:09.43]Rain on the garden Falling on my flower.

[08:18.18]It isn't thirsty. After that rain shower!

[08:26.62]Look at the seeds Falling on the ground.

[08:35.97]Soon,there'll be roots,plants And flowers all around!

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