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[00:00.00] Unit 1 Our birthdays

[00:04.10]A Pat is making a birthday calendar.Koko is talking to her.

[00:10.66]Listen,Look and say.

[00:14.60]Hello,Pat.What's that?

[00:19.75]Oh,It's a birthday calender,Koko.

[00:25.10]These are the months.

[00:28.66]How many months are there?

[00:32.78]There are 12 months ,Koko.

[00:37.75]They are January February ,March... Listen.

[00:45.40]January February March April

[00:52.77]May June July August

[00:59.90]September October November December

[01:08.34]Now say.

[01:12.28]January February

[01:19.93]March April

[01:28.19]May June July

[01:38.82]August September

[01:46.40]October November December

[01:57.63]B1 Tim and his mother are talking.

[02:02.96]It's Grand mother's birthday soon.

[02:06.82]Listen,say and act.

[02:11.27]1 When's Grandma's birthday?It's in September.

[02:19.02]I can buy Grandma a present. Good idea.

[02:25.58]B2 Koko is making a listof her friends'birthdays .

[02:31.43]Listen ,say and act.

[02:35.66]Is your birthday on May 17? Yes,it is.


[02:45.56]first second third fourth

[02:52.93]fifth sixth seventh eighth

[03:00.48]ninth tenth eleventh twelfth

[03:10.33]thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth

[03:20.07]seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth

[03:28.33]twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third twenty- fourth

[03:37.39]twenty-fifth twenty-sixth twenty-seventh twenty-eighth

[03:45.33]twenty-ninth thirtieth thirty-first

[03:51.81]Now say.

[03:54.97]first second third fourth

[04:11.04]fifth sixth seventh eighth

[04:26.89]ninth tenth eleventh twelfth

[04:42.75]thirteenth fourteenth

[04:51.19]fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth

[05:06.83]nineteenth twentieth twenty-first twenty-second

[05:23.58]twenty-third twenty-fourth twenty-fifth twenty-sixth

[05:40.82]twenty-seventh twenty-eighth twenty-ninth thirtieth


[06:02.24]B3 Listen and circle the correct dates.

[06:07.80] Is your birthday on July 14,Peter? Yes,it is .

[06:17.47]When is your birthday,Pam? It's on Mar.6.

[06:25.72]John,is your birthday on Oct.9? No, it's isn't.It's on Sept.17.

[06:38.39]Amy,when is your birthday? It's on June 11.

[06:47.85]C A story:Great grandpa's birthday.

[06:54.01]How old are you,Harry?

[06:58.56]I'm ten,Great-grandpa.

[07:03.63]When's your birthday?

[07:08.17]It's this month.Your birthday is this month,too.

[07:15.54]What's the date today? It's November 14.

[07:22.51]What are Susan and Linda doing?

[07:26.96]They're busy.Susan's cooking and Linda's painting.

[07:34.32]Later that day... Surprise!

[07:40.36]Happy birthday.

[07:44.30]Oh,yes !Silly me! It's my ninetieth birthday today.

[07:50.78]E Say the sound and the words.Listen.

[07:56.53]our four your fourth pour

[08:07.18]Now say: our four your fourth pour

[08:28.84]Say the poem.

[08:32.00]Pour the drinks, Cut the cake And make a wish.

[08:39.47]It's your fourth birthday today!

[08:44.20]Listen and cirle the same letters with the same sound.

[08:49.76]1 our 2 your 3 fourteen 4 door

[09:02.80]G Sing the song.

[09:06.95]Mary,when's your birthday? Today!Hip,hip,hooray.

[09:22.91]How many candles are there? Ten!Hip,hip,hooray.

[09:31.17]With a puff,puff here. And a puff,puff there.

[09:37.20]Here a puff,there a puff.Everywhere a puff, puff.

[09:42.84]Mary,when's your birthday?Today!1 Hip,hip,hooray.

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