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[00:00.00] Unit3 Seasons

[00:04.18]A The children are looking a website about weather.

[00:11.05]Make sentences about the seasons and weather in diffent places.

[00:19.20]Listen,look and say .

[00:24.16]In winter,it's cold in Harbin.

[00:29.34]It often snows.

[00:32.50]In autumn,it's cool in Beijing.It's often dry.


[00:42.42]warm cool rain snow

[00:49.87]spring summer autumn winter

[00:57.73]Now say

[01:00.68]warm cool rain snow

[01:14.92]spring summer autumn winter

[01:29.36]B1 Tim and Pat are talking to some students.Listen,say and act.

[01:40.21]1 Tim: Where are you from?

[01:44.86]Ben:I'm from Changchun、

[01:48.70]Pat:What's the weather like there in winter?

[01:51.93]Ben: It's very cold in winter.It often snows.

[01:58.00]B2 The chlidren are reading a poster.Listen,say and act.

[02:07.06]Want to have a fun holiday?

[02:11.60]Come to Beidaihe and have fun!

[02:17.17]In autumn,the weather is cool.You can fly kites here.

[02:24.01]In winter,it is cold .You can make a snowman.

[02:30.57]In spring,the weather is warm.You can ride bikes.

[02:36.81]In summer,it is hot.You can swim.Visit us for fun,fun,fun!

[02:46.27]When do you want to go?

[02:50.21]I want to go in summer.


[02:57.40]Because I can swim then.

[03:01.37]B3 Koko and Pat are talking to a girl at the park.

[03:09.91]Listen and circle.

[03:13.07]Where are you from ?I'm from Shanghai.

[03:18.95]What's the weather like in Shanghai?It's warm now.

[03:26.50]What's you favourite season? I like summer.

[03:33.45]Why? Because I can swim.

[03:38.41]C A story: The ugly baby duck.Listen

[03:46.77]It is spring.Mother Duck has some new eggs.

[03:53.33]This egg is very big.Yes,it is.

[04:00.48]It is summer now.

[04:03.83]The ducks are going for a swim.

[04:08.29]Hurry up!

[04:11.22]You're a big ugly duck.

[04:15.35]You're not like us.

[04:18.90]In autumn,the other ducks fly away.

[04:24.46]The ugly duck is very sad.Now it is spring again.

[04:31.54]The ugly duck sees two swans.They are beautiful.

[04:39.30]I'm an ugly duck.Can I swim with you?

[04:45.54]What?You're not a duck.

[04:49.91]You're a beautiful swan.Yes,swim with us.

[04:56.86]E Say the sound and the words.


[05:05.16]er hiker diver biker driver

[05:13.52]Now say

[05:16.45]er hiker diver biker driver

[05:34.47]In spring,I'm a biker.

[05:39.30]In summer,I'm a diver.

[05:43.67]In autumn,I'm a hiker.

[05:47.92]In winter,I'm a driver.

[05:52.47]Listen and circle the same letters with the same sound.

[05:58.64]1 rubber 2 teacher 3 her 4 doctor

[06:10.89]G Listen and chant.

[06:15.54]In spring,The trees are green,The raindrops make The flowers clean.

[06:26.59]In summer,It's very hot.Drink some water.Drink a lot.

[06:39.33]In autumn, trees are brown.And leaves fall Down,dowm,down.

[06:50.98]In winter,It's very cold.Let's make snowmen,Young and old.

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