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[00:00.00] Primary English for China Book Eight

[00:24.79]Unit1 Good habits

[00:29.34]A Koko is going to stay at Pat's home.

[00:35.71]Listen ,say and act.

[00:40.07]When do you get up?

[00:43.91]I get up at six thirty in the morning .

[00:49.79]That's early!Yes,I usually get up early.

[00:56.45]I brush my teeth,wash my face and comb my hair.Then I have breakfast.

[01:05.28]When go you go to bed?

[01:09.12]I go to bed at ten in the evening.

[01:14.08]Oh,that's late.

[01:18.24]Yes,I usually……


[01:24.85]brush my teeth

[01:28.29]wash my face

[01:31.85]comb my hair

[01:35.22]finish my homework

[01:38.66]pack my schoolbag

[01:42.43]hang up my clothes

[01:46.37]Now say

[01:49.53]brush my teeth

[01:54.49]wash my face

[01:59.54]comb my hair

[02:04.50]finish my homework

[02:09.78]pack my schoolbag

[02:15.24]hang up my clothes


[02:23.54]Tim and Pat are talking about a class survey.

[02:29.60]Listen,say and act.

[02:33.86]Tim: How often does Candy brush her teeth?

[02:38.93]Pat:She brushes her teeth once a day.

[02:43.66]Tim: How often does she wash her face?

[02:48.39]Pat:She washes her face twice a day.

[02:53.14]She combs her hair twice a day,too.

[02:58.00]Tim:How often does Candy wash the dishes?

[03:03.07]Pat: She washes the dishes five times a week.

[03:08.53]She water the plants three times a week

[03:13.49]and she sets the table eight times a week.

[03:17.43]Tim:She has good habits.Yes,she does.

[03:23.21]Now,look at Sam?How often does he……

[03:30.36]B2 Mary is a school newspaper reporter.

[03:37.73]She is interviewing Susan.Listen,say and act.

[03:44.78]Mary:Hi,Susan.You're Student of the Year.

[03:50.43]You must have very good babits.

[03:54.97]What do you do in the morning?

[03:58.52]Susan:First,I get up early .

[04:02.49]Next,I brush my teeth and wash my face.

[04:08.56]Then I put on my clothes and comb my hair.

[04:14.48]After that,I eat breakfast.

[04:19.13]Mary: What do you do in the evening?


[04:26.84]B3 Listen to the rest of the interview.

[04:32.90]Complete the sentences.It's important to have a good habits .

[04:40.95]How often do you wash your face?

[04:45.31]I wash my face twice a day.I wash my hands three times a day.

[04:54.06]After every meal I wash my hands.

[04:59.70]I comb my hair three times a day too.

[05:04.88]It's a good help to home too.

[05:09.42]How often do you water the plants?

[05:14.10]Yes,I water the plants once a week.

[05:20.16]I also clean the house once a week.

[05:25.12]How about washing the dishes?

[05:29.48]Oh,yes,I wash the dishes four times a week.

[05:36.35]C A story: Tim and Aunt Mary.Listen

[05:44.89]Tim's mother is in hospital.

[05:49.34]Tim is with his aunt.

[05:53.49]How often do you brush your teeth?

[05:58.06]Well,I usually brush my teeth twice a day

[06:04.72]once in the morning and once in the evening.

[06:10.57]That's good,Tim.

[06:14.13]The next day,Tim's aunt gets up early.

[06:20.50]Come on,Tim! It's seven thirty.

[06:25.36]Get up! It's time for school!

[06:29.90]First,brush your teeth!

[06:34.06]Then wash your face and comb your hair!

[06:39.41]After that,put on your colthes.

[06:44.27]But,but…… Come on,Tim!

[06:49.73]Tim's aunt gets Tim's colthes and shoes.

[06:55.97]His schoolbag is ready,too.

[07:00.34]Hurry up,Tim.Put on your clothes.

[07:05.20]But Aunt Mary,it's Saturday.There's no school today.

[07:13.55]Oops! Silly me!

[07:16.72]E Say the sound and the words.Listen

[07:24.37]or world work homework word

[07:33.75]Now say

[07:36.91]or world work homework word

[07:56.16]Say the rhyme.

[07:59.32]Now for your homework.

[08:03.47]Please listen to me!

[08:07.13]Find another word for the Earth -the land and the sea.

[08:14.39]Write it down

[08:17.55]And show it to me.

[08:21.11]Listen and circle the same letters with same sound.

[08:27.56]1 corn 2 world 3 forty 4 word

[08:40.70]G Listen and chant.

[08:45.66]Brush your teeth once a day.It makes the dirt stay away.

[08:56.40]Brush your teeth twice.Twice is the best way.

[09:03.48]Brush your teeth in the morning.Brush your teeth in the evening.

[09:09.54]Brush your teeth twice a day.Brush your teeth every day.

[09:16.38]comb your hair once a day.It makes the dirt stay away.

[09:27.61]comb your hair twice.Twice is the best way.

[09:34.09]comb your hair in the morning.comb your hair in the evening.

[09:40.86]comb your hair twice a day.comb your hair every day.

[09:47.62]wash your face once a day.It makes the dirt stay away.

[09:58.88]wash your face twice.Twice is the best way.

[10:05.34]wash your face in the morning.wash your face in the evening.

[10:11.87]wash your face twice a day.wash your face every day.

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