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走遍美国:A Big Fish in a Little Pond ACT III



I love my school. I have so many good friends there now. 我喜好我的学校。我如今有那么多好冤家在那边。

I wouldn't miss a day even if I were really sick. 即便我真的病了也不想错过一天。

Come and sit down for a minute, Michelle. 过去坐一下子, Michelle 。

I'd like to talk to you about something. 我想跟你谈一件事。

Something important. 一件紧张的事。

What's wrong, Susan? 有什么题目吗,Susan?

Oh, there's nothing wrong, Michelle. 噢,没什么,Michelle。

But your daddy and I are talking about something 但你爸爸和我正在讨论一件事

that I'd like your opinion about. 我需求你的意见。

I know. I heard you talking about it 我晓得。我听到你们议论的那件事

the other night when I was trying on my new clothes. 也便是我试新衣服的那天早晨。

It's about moving to Los Angeles. 是关于搬迁到Los Angeles的事。

You're right. How do you feel about it? 说对了。你以为怎样样?

Well, I really wouldn't want to move, but ... 噢,我真实不肯意搬迁,但是…

But? 但是什么?

But if you and Daddy wanted to, 但是假设你和爸爸想搬的,

I guess you know what's best for the family and for me. 我猜测你们肯定晓得怎样做对整个家庭和我是最有利的。

That's very considerate of you, Michelle. 真会谅解他人,Michelle。

But what about your friends? 但你的冤家怎样办?

I'd miss them a lot, 我会十分缅怀他们,

but I know what it feels like to miss someone. 但我晓得缅怀一团体是什么样的味道。

Honey, we don't have to move 酷爱的,我们将不搬

if you're not going to be happy about it. 假设你会由于这种事而烦懑乐的话。

Does Daddy want to move? 爸爸想要搬吗?

I think so. He's going to tell us tonight about the job offer. 我想是如许。他明天早晨会通知我们关于那份任务的事。

Well, how was everybody's day today? 喂,明天列位过得怎样样?

Michelle was chosen to do    Michelle被挑选去

the school poster for the play this year. 做往年学校话剧的海报。

Congratulations, Michelle! That's something! 祝贺,Michelle!太好了!

And how was your day, Susan? 那你明天过得怎样样, Susan?

I see you're in a good mood. 我看你心境很好。

Why don't you tell us about your day. 何不通知我们你这一天过得怎样?

I met with Bill York. 我与Bill York碰面了。

It's OK to talk about it, Harry. 这件事可以放开来谈,Harry。

Michelle knows all about it. Michelle曾经全晓得了。

Really? 真的?

Really, Harry. 真的,Harry。

Michelle and I have all kinds of feelings      Michelle和我感受许多

about leaving New York, the family, and friends. 关于分开纽约的家人,冤家。

But if you think you should take the job, we're behind you. 但假如你以为你应该承受这份任务, 我们支持你。

What about Michelle's school? 那Michelle的学校怎样办?

We'll move after the school term. 我们等这学期完毕后再搬。

What about her new friends? 那她的新冤家?

I'll make new friends wherever we are as long as we're together. 只需我们能在一同无论在哪儿我都能交到新冤家。


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