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走遍美国:饯行聚会 Parting Friends ACT III



How about some music? 来点音乐怎样样?

No, let's wait till Robbie gets back from the airport. 不要。我们等Robbie从机场返来吧。

Did she say why she had to leave today? 她说了她为什么明天非分开不行吗?

She told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, 她通知Robbie说,她今天的班机取消了,

so she had to take an earlier flight today. 以是她不得不乘明天早一班的班机。

This is terrible. 真是太糟了。

Well, that must be him. 噢,肯定是他。

Why is he blowing his horn like that? 为什么他如许子按喇叭?

I don't know. 我不晓得。

Maybe he's angry. 大概他在生机。

Do you think we should take down the decorations? 你以为我们该当取失这些装饰品吗?

They'll just make him sad. 那些只会让他伤心。

Too late now. 如今太迟了。

We should have done it sooner. 我们早就该取上去的。

Oh, here he comes. 噢,他来了。

Hi. 嗨。

How'd it go? 怎样样啦?

OK, I guess. 我想还好吧。

Especially when Alexandra gave me a surprise ... 特殊是Alexandra给了我一个惊喜……

Yeah? What was it? 是吗?是什么惊喜?

This! 这个!

Alexandra! Alexandra!

Hi! What happened? 嗨!怎样回事?

I called my parents from the airport. 我从机场打德律风给我父亲。

When I told them 当我通知他们

my friends were giving me a party, 我的冤家们为我举行了一个派对时,

they insisted that I stay. 他们对峙要我留上去。

So now I'm taking a flight on Monday instead. 以是我如今要改搭星期一的班机走。

That's great! Terrific! 那太好了!太棒了!

But how did you know the party was for you? 但是你怎样晓得派对是为你举行的呢?

Well, Robbie told me when he gave me this. 嗯,当Robbie送给我这个的时分他通知了我。

Oh, it's so pretty! 噢,它好美丽!

It's lovely, Robbie. 它十分心爱,Robbie。

All right! 好啦!

Now we can really start the party! 如今我们可以真正开端舞会了!

No. Would you mind? 不。你们不介怀吧?

I'd like to say something first. 我想先说几句话。

Hear, hear! 我们倾耳细听!

I would just like to thank all of you, 我只是想谢谢你们各人,

my friends, 我的冤家们,

who have made my stay in the United States so wonderful. 是你们使得我在美国的生存云云多采多姿。

And to Robbie and the Stewart family 并且感激Robbie和Stewart百口

for opening their home to me. 为我关闭大门。

We should thank you. 我们该当感激你。

You're a real friend! 你是个真正的冤家!

You're a real friend! 你是个真正的冤家!

And I also have a little surprise for you, Robbie. 我也有一个小小的惊喜给你,Robbie。

A little going-away present. 一个小小的临别礼品。

Thank you. 谢谢你。

Open it, please. 请翻开看看。

I think you might be amused. 我想你能够会以为有点疑惑。

OK. I can't believe it! 好的。我几乎无法置信!

I guess we were thinking the same thought. 我想我们的心意相反。

You had it engraved! 在下面刻了字!

Read it, Robbie. 读出来,Robbie。

"In friendship, always. Alexandra." “友谊永不渝,Alexandra。”

I knew we thought alike, 我晓得我们心意相反,

but this is too much! 但是这太令人难以相信!

Thank you. 谢谢 。

All right! 好了!

Let's have some music! 我们来点音乐吧!

Miss Pappas? Pappas小姐?

Mr. Stewart ... Stewart老师……

Mrs. Stewart, may I have this dance? Stewart太太,我可以请你跳这支舞吗?

My pleasure, Doctor. 十分荣幸, 大夫。

You've become my friend,

though I haven't known you very long.

You've always made me feel so right at home.

You've become my friend.

I can always be myself with you,

and when I think of you, I'm not alone.

You've become my friend.

You were always there when I needed you.

Never had to ask for anything.

You were there to help me through.

I'll remember all the times,

that we spent together having fun.

I won't forget a moment that we shared.

I won't forget your smile,

won't forget the way you made me laugh,

the things you did to show me that you care.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you.

It's hard to say good-bye 'cause you're my friend.

I'm gonna miss you.

Yes, I'm gonna miss you.

But sometime in the future--

we don't know where or when--

we'll be saying "hello" again.

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