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走遍美国:展览开幕之夜 Opening Night ACT I



A little further to the right, Tom. 再往右一点,Tom。

Is this OK? 如许可以吗?

Good. What do you think, Richard? 好。你看呢?

I like it there. 摆在那边很好。

It's the first thing people will see when they come in. 这是人们走出去所看到的第一件工具。

It sets the tone for the whole show. 它决议了整个展览的氛围。

The next thing they'll see is 他们接着看到的

this enlargement with the words Family Album, U.S.A.    Family Album, U.S.A. 这几个缩小的字。

I can't believe this is really happening! 我不敢置信这统统真的发作了!

You've earned it. 这是你应得的报偿。

Years of work went into these pictures. 多年心血换来这些照片。

I know, but it's still a dream come true. 我晓得,但这终究是一个空想完成了。

Well, remember, 嗯,记着,

we're not sure 我们还不克不及一定

what the CRItics are going to write about your show yet. 批评家们会对你的展览写些什么。

And you never know 而你永久也不晓得

what the man from the New York Times is going to say about it. 纽约时报的谁人人会说些什么。

Are you worried? 你担忧吗?

I always worry. 我一直担忧。

The reviews of this show 与这次展览有关的批评

are important for the sales of your book. 关于你这本书的贩卖很紧张。

When do we see the reviews? 什么时分我们可以看到批评?

Soon. 很快。

One of the CRItics is coming over this morning for a preview. 一位批评家明天早上要来看预展。

I hope he's in a good mood. 我盼望二心情不错。

So do I. 我也是。

Marilyn and I hope to use money from the sales of this book  Marilyn和我盼望用这本书贩卖的钱

to buy a new house. 来买一栋新居子。

The book will be a success. 这本书会乐成的。

And the show will help promote it. 而这次展览会有利于促销它。

Speaking of promoting the book, 提及促销书的事,

do I really have to 我是不是真的有须要

autograph copies for the guests at the opening? 在展览开幕时为主人在书上署名?

It's common practice. 这是常规。

I feel uncomfortable about it. 我对此感触满欠好意思的。

A lot of people come to openings 很多人参与开幕式

just so they can get 便是为了失掉

the autograph of somebody who may be famous someday. 未来有能够成名的人的署名。

Couldn't we wait until I'm famous? 岂非不克不及比及我成名了再说?

That might be sooner than you think. 那大概比你想像的要快。

This one over here, Mr. Carlson? 这张就摆这儿吗,Carlson老师?

A little further back, Tom. 再今后一点,Tom。

It's too close to the refreshments. 它离茶点太近了。

No, I think this one belongs in the "people-at-work" section. 不,我以为它属于“任务中的人们”那一区。

You may be right. 大概你说的对。

Try it there, Tom. 放在那边尝尝,Tom。

Right. 好。

Nervous about the opening tonight? 对今晚开幕式感触告急?

Nervous? 告急?

Me? 我?

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