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走遍美国:展览开幕之夜 Opening Night ACT III



What's this? 这是什么?

Read it. 读出来吧。

I can't. 我不敢读。

Would you read it, Marilyn? 请你读好吗,Marilyn?

"Richard Stewart's show at the Carlson Gallery "Richard Stewart在Carlson画廊展出的

is a collection of photographs 是选出的拍照作品

from his new book entitled Family Album, U.S.A. 从他的旧书Family Album, U.S.A.

There is power and beauty in Mr. Stewart's work,   Stewart老师的任务中显着力与美。

and his book 他的书

introduces us to a remarkable new talent." 让我们看到一位杰出的新秀。”

Oh, Richard, it's wonderful! 噢,Richard,太棒了!

Congratulations! 祝贺你!

Wow! I'm overwhelmed. 喔!我太打动了。

Ladies and gentlemen, 列位密斯,列位老师,

if I may have your attention for a moment, please? 我想占用你们一点点工夫,好吗?

I hope you're all enjoying the exhibition. 我盼望你们都喜好这个展览。

I know that I am. 我晓得我是很喜好。

And I would like to introduce the young man 如今我盼望向各人引见这位年老人

who spent the last five years 用过来五年的工夫

taking these remarkable pictures 来拍摄这些作品

and writing the background for Family Album,U.S.A.-- 为Family Album,U.S.A.撰写配景阐明的年老人

Mr. Richard Stewart.   Richard Stewart老师。

Hello. 你们好。

I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight. 我十分感激你们各人明天早晨赏脸。

I'd like to thank Harvey Carlson 我十分感激Harvey Carlson。

for his faith in my project. 对我任务方案的决心。

But most of all, 但最紧张的,

I would like to thank my family 我要感激我的家人

for their love and support all through this adventure. 在这整个任务时期赐与我的爱和支持。

Thank you. 谢谢列位。

Oh, I'm glad that's over. 噢,我真快乐终于完毕了。

Would you mind? 你们不介怀吧?

Oh, not at all. 噢,一点也不。

Thanks. 谢谢。

Our pleasure. 十分荣幸。

Hope it wins a Pulitzer Prize. 盼望它能得Pulitzer奖。

I'll settle for an "A" in my photography course. 我只需拍照课能得"A"就满意了。

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