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[00:00.00]Unit 9 Celebrations

[00:05.80]1.Listen and read.Say.

[00:17.35]Hip,hip,hooray--There's a party today! Blow,blow,and blow some more.

[00:25.42]Blow out the candles,and open the door!

[00:30.28]Dance and sing.Clap,clap,clap.Now take a swing.Clap,clap,clap!

[00:38.92]We're playing a game,and she can't see.Oops,that tail doesn't go on me!

[00:47.45]A present for me...What can it be?

[00:52.09]2.Listen and say.Circle.

[01:38.64]3.Listen and read.

[02:03.19]4.Listen and point.Read.

[03:25.74]5.Listen.Read and say.


[04:46.85]My Tooth Is Loose!Mariaha Merino and Habib Ashuh

[04:54.88]I live in Colombia with my family.This morning I touch a loose tooth.

[05:10.54]At night we eat dinner.Oops!The loose tooth falls out.

[05:19.00]I show it ot my mother.

[05:22.74]At 9:00 I put my tooth under my pillow.

[05:30.88]I sheep and I wait for the little mouse.

[05:36.02]In the morning my tooth is not there.But I find some coins!

[05:43.55]I live in Lebanon.On my way to school today I feel a loose tooth.

[05:54.10]Tonight at dinner we have soup and salad.

[06:00.43]Oh,here is my loose tooth! My parents say,"Let's celebrate your tooth!"

[06:11.77]We drive to the beach.I throw my tooth into the water.

[06:18.11]I ask for a gold tooth and I am happy.

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