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[00:00.00]Unit 9 TV and Movies

[00:06.80]2.Ask and answer.Write.

[00:19.04]What kinds of TV shows do you like?

[00:23.29]I like cartoons because they're funny!

[00:27.43]4.Ask about the TV schedule.

[00:36.07]What's on TV at 10:00?

[00:39.71]"Captain Invisible."It's on Channel 3.

[00:45.04]6.Ask for an opinion.

[00:55.51]What did you watch on TV last night?

[00:59.54]"Debbie's New Sister."

[01:03.47]Did you like it?

[01:06.82]No,I didn't.It was boring.

[01:12.76]7.Lsiten to the TV schedule.

[02:04.42]8.Listen,point,and sing.

[02:16.55]Take Me Out to the Movies

[02:19.90]Take me out to the movies,Take me out to a show.

[02:34.44]I did my homework,I made my bed,I cleaned my room,

[02:40.99]Everything that you said!

[02:44.56]So take me out to the movies,Take me out to a show,

[02:53.20]I was good every day of the week,So please hurry up,And let's go!

[03:08.14]TV in Two Languages by Judy Veramendi

[03:20.20]1.Hello!My name is David.I live in Miami.

[03:29.66]My parents moved here when I was little.

[03:35.03]They're from Guatemala,and they speak Spanish.

[03:40.97]A lot of families in Miami speak Spanish.

[03:46.69]So there are a lot of Spanish TV shows.

[03:53.21]2.Last night I reviewed some TV shows for my school newspaper.

[04:02.57]I watched four kinds of shows.On the schedule at 7:00 was a comedy.

[04:11.21]The story was boring,but one character was frnny.

[04:16.97]I awarded the comedy show one star.

[04:22.12]3.Then there was a game show in Spanish.

[04:29.46]It was exciting and funny.I awarded it three stars.

[04:36.80]I'm happy I can speak Spanish and English.

[04:42.67]I can review a lot of shows!After the game show was a nature show.

[04:51.49]It was interesting enough.I awarded it two stars.

[04:58.37]4.Then I watched a cartoon show.Why?

[05:07.12]Because cartoons are my favorite shows!

[05:12.77]I awarded the cartoon show three stars.

[05:18.42]There was a scary movie at 9:00.

[05:23.46]The TV reviewer awarded it four stars.

[05:28.61]But I didn't get to watch it.I did my homework.

[05:34.66]Then it was time for bed.

[05:39.01]In a few more years,I can watch late TV shows!

[05:45.56]Well,you've finished Book 3.Wasn't that fun?

[06:07.42]Good luck in Book 4!Good-bye!

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