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[00:00.00]Unit 9 Show Time!

[00:06.59]2.Listen to and read the story.

[00:20.34]The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

[00:25.38]One day the City Mouse came to visit the Country Mouse.

[00:31.72]The Country Mouse slept under a log in a nest of dry grass.

[00:38.56]He ate cereal and a little fruit.

[00:43.13]The City Mouse thought life in the country was very dull.

[00:50.29]He missed the rich food and the exciting life of the city.

[00:56.45]So he invited the Country Mouse to visit him in the city.

[01:01.88]Late that night the mice entered the house of the City Mouse

[01:08.22]through a hole in the wall.

[01:11.75]On the dining room table,they found food left from a big meal.

[01:18.30]The Country Mouse thought the food was delicious!He ate and ate.

[01:25.54]Suddenly a cat jumped onto the table.

[01:30.61]As the mice ran to the hole,the cat almost caught the Country Mouse.

[01:37.45]The frightened Country Mouse decided city life was just too dangerous.

[01:45.12]He went back to the country,where life was dull but safe.

[01:52.14]4.Listen.Circle the answer.


[03:03.13]Act 1

[03:08.68]Country Mouse:Please come into my home.

[03:11.92]City Mouse:Is this tiny grass nest really your home?I live in big house.

[03:18.29]Country Mouse:Would you like some cereal and fruit?

[03:22.64]City Mouse:Don't you have any cheese or cake?

[03:26.89]Country Mouse:No,all I have is cereal and fruit.

[03:31.54]City Mouse:That's terrible!Let's go to the city.I can show you my house.

[03:38.27]There are all kinds of foods there.And city life is exciting!

[03:45.22]Country Mouse:Thanks.I'd like to go to the city with you.

[03:49.93]City Mouse:Here's a delicious dinner.The people in my house left it.

[03:56.09]Let's eat.(The mice eat and eat.)

[03:59.15]Country Mouse:This is wonderful!I never had such good food.

[04:04.08]City Mouse:Run!Go to the hole!

[04:09.12]Country Mouse:I'm really scared.Life in the city is awful!

[04:14.38]I'm going home where it's safe.I don't have to worry about any cats there!

[04:20.53]6.Listen to and read an African tale.

[04:36.59]Anansi and Turtle

[04:40.22]One day Turtle stopped to rest at the house of Anansi the Spider.

[04:45.95]Turtle was tired and hungry.

[04:50.09]It was dinner time,but Anansi didn't want to share his food.

[04:55.85]Anansi saw that Turtle had dirty feet,

[05:00.56]so he sent him to the lake to wash before dinner.

[05:05.60]Anansi then ate all the food.

[05:10.25]When Turtle returned,there was no food left for him.

[05:16.19]Turtle was hungry as he left.But he invited Anansi to visit him some day.

[05:23.32]Months later,Anansi came to see Turtle.

[05:29.08]Turtle invited Anansi to dinner.

[05:33.22]He then went to his underwater home to make the meal.

[05:38.87]Anansi put rocks in his coat to make himself heavier.

[05:44.59]He jumped into the water and swam down to Turtle's home.

[05:50.60]Turtle asked Anansi to take off his coat before he ate.

[05:55.64]When Anansi took off the coat,he floated up to the top of the lake.

[06:01.98]Turtle smiled and ate all of the food.

[06:07.20]The Rabbit and the Turtle

[06:13.36]Retold by Robert Newell

[06:17.50]That rabbit! What a character!He was proud of his long ears.

[06:30.85]He was proud of his long feet.

[06:34.70]And he was very proud of how fast he ran.

[06:39.56]"No one can catch me,"Rabbit said."I'm wonderful.Wonderful!"

[06:46.91]"He is terrible,"said Mouse.

[06:51.44]"Awful!"said Spider."But what can we do?""I know what to do,"said Turtle.

[07:01.27]"Would you like to have a race?"Turtle asked Rabbit."Let's race to Big Rock."

[07:11.53]"Do I want to race?With you?"Rabbit laughed.

[07:18.98]"You are a dirty,dull turle.A SLOW turtle."

[07:25.43]Turtle smiled."I can win,"he said.Rabbit stopped laughing.

[07:33.96]"Let's go!"he said.They ran.

[07:39.11]That rabbit was fast.He left Turle behind in no time.

[07:48.43]Then he saw a restaurant."I'm hungry,"he thought.

[07:54.30]"And that turtle is slow.I have time for dinner."

[08:00.24]Rabbit ate a delicious meal of fruit,cheese,and cake.

[08:06.79]Turtle went past the restaurant.He didn't stop.

[08:12.12]But Rabbit caught up with him later and left him behind again.

[08:17.77]Rabbit felt a little tired then.He found a log.

[08:25.30]He decided to crawl in.He slept.Turtle did not stop.He went past the log.

[08:35.34]He was slow,but he ran and he ran.

[08:40.78]Suddenly Rabbit opened his eyes.He jumped up.He ran faster than before.

[08:48.80]But he was too late.That turle was slow.But he did not stop.

[08:56.76]He did not give up.And he won!

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