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[00:00.00]Unit 7 Days and Dates



[00:46.08]Juan:Hey!I'm going to have a real birrthday this year.

[00:50.44]Liu:Didn't you have a birthday last year?

[00:54.18]Juan:Not on the date of my birth.I have a real birthday only every fourth year.

[01:00.41]Liu:Why is that?

[01:03.65]Juan:My birthday is on February twenty-ninty.

[01:08.00]That date date is only in leap years.

[01:11.93]Liu:How old are you going to be?

[01:15.17]Juan:Twelve.But it's just my third real birthday.

[01:20.03]Liu:So you're really going to be only three!

[01:24.28]I'm going to be eleven on the Fourth of July.That's Independence Day.

[01:30.32]Juan:You're lucky.

[01:33.28]You get to celebrate your real birtday every year and with parades and fireworks!

[01:40.01]6.Listen.Circle the correct date.

[02:52.84]7.Listen.Play the number game.

[03:37.19]Queen of the Calendar

[03:42.84]Lian hung up the wateing can.She put the shovel away.

[03:58.39]She was helping her father clean up the yard.

[04:03.32]"I know what I am going to be one day,"she told him.

[04:09.19]"What are you going to be ?"Father asked.

[04:13.84]"I am going to be Queen of the Calendar,"Lina said.

[04:20.28]"What does a Calendar Queen do?"Father asked.He gave her a rake.

[04:29.64]"She names new holidays to celebrate,"Lina said.

[04:35.36]"She names special holiday for every week and every month of the year."

[04:42.92]Father smiled."What are some of them going to be?"he asked.He started to rake.

[04:51.46]"April tenth is going to be Drop-the-Broom Day,"Lina said."No work on that date!"

[05:00.78]"August first is going to be Lucky Messy Day,"Lina said.

[05:09.60]"No cleaning up!Every Friday can be Fireworks Day.

[05:17.56]And every Monday is going to be Joke Day.We can tell jokes all day.

[05:25.80]There is not going to be any time for school on Mondays!"

[05:31.24]"I like this!"Father said."October sixteenth can be Hug-a-Tree Day.

[05:38.98]And July thirtieth can be BE-Nice-to-Horses Day."

[05:45.42]Father stopped raking."What is the date today?"he asked.

[05:54.35]"June twenty-first,"Father said.

[05:58.81]"The first day of summer,"Father said.

[06:03.96]"Let's celebrate!""How?"asked Lina.

[06:09.72]"Let's make it Chocolate Ice-Cream Day,"said Father.

[06:15.37]"I like that idea!"said Liana.So they did.

[06:21.53]Listen and read the poem.

[06:33.08]A New Holiday

[06:36.14]"I've had it,"I finally said,"I'm not going to make my bed.

[06:42.41]This holiday's new,There's nothing to do,My room can stay messy,"I said.

[06:49.25]My jacket I left on the floor,My socks I hung on the door.

[06:54.90]When Mom saw my room,She gave me a broom,And said,"I can't take any more!"

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