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[00:00.00]Unit 6 Then and Now

[00:06.59]8.Listen to the conversation.


[01:27.44]BY KANA RILEY

[01:30.29]We traveled by airplane to Cartagena.It is a city in Colombia.

[01:42.92]A guide told us about the city long ago.

[01:48.76]"Who knows who lived here then?"she asked.

[01:53.40]"Was it the Spanish?"I asked.

[01:57.25]"Yes,"she said,"but the tribe of Caribes lived here first.

[02:03.41]The Spanish came in the 1500s and built many of the buildings you see today."

[02:10.93]"Then one day in 1586,

[02:17.81]the explorer Sir Francis Drake and his men

[02:22.85]came to Cartagena from England,"she said.

[02:27.89]"They heard that the Spanish had lots of gold.Drake wanted the gold."

[02:35.12]"Did he get it?"I asked."Drake went in at night,"she said.

[02:42.58]"Did they have lights?"I asked.

[02:46.54]"No,"she said."It was different in 1586.

[02:54.38]Electric lights weren't invented then.The city didn't have street lamps.

[03:01.91]It was very dark.So one of Drake's men lit a small fire to help him see.

[03:09.97]The Spanish saw the light.""What happened then?"I asked.

[03:16.81]"Some of the men hid the gold.Some started to fight Drake and his men."

[03:24.26]"Did Drake get any gold?"I asked.

[03:30.49]"Yes,he got some of it.His men took it away by boat.

[03:36.94]"But Drake was not the last person to try to take gold from the city.

[03:42.77]The Spanish people needed to protect their gold.

[03:47.59]So they built this and lots of other strong buidings to protect the city.

[03:54.25]We are lucky they did,

[03:57.78]because these old buildings are still standing for us to see today!"


[04:09.73]Listen and read the poem.

[04:17.18]Tony's Time Machine

[04:20.82]Tony turned the key to his brand-new time machinge.

[04:27.05]It was time to go,time to see things he'd never seen.

[04:33.92]He traveled back a million years,and he heard an awful roar.

[04:41.16]He turned around and there he saw a real live dinosaur!

[04:48.83]He quickly set his time machine to another place and year.

[04:55.34]Now he was in the Wild West with cowboys and lndians near!

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