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[00:00.00]Unit 5 The Weather

[00:06.30]1.Listen and chant.

[00:18.54]Rain,Rain,Go Away.Rain,rain,Go away.Come again Some other day.

[00:28.37]2.Listen and say.

[00:40.50]It's sunny.

[00:45.54]It's windy.

[00:50.80]It's snowy.

[00:56.63]It's rain.

[01:03.07]6.Listen to the werther report.

[01:34.93]7.Read about Trudy.

[01:46.38]My name is Trudy.I'm a tiger.

[01:52.32]I live in a tropical rain forest or a jungle.

[01:58.66]There are many trees and bushes in jungle.

[02:04.31]There are birds,bugs,and monkeys too.

[02:09.85]It's hot and rainy in the jungle.

[02:14.60]I'm an animal,so I don't wear clothes.

[02:20.65]What do you think people wear in the jungle?

[02:26.20]9.Listen and sing.

[02:37.82]You Are My Sunshine

[02:41.28]You are my sunshine,My only sunshine.

[03:02.52]You make me happy,When skies are gray.

[03:11.27]You'll never know,dear,How much I love you.

[03:19.40]Please don't take my sunshine away.

[03:30.85]Can We Go to the Beach Today?by Judy Veramendi

[03:42.30]1.Chile is south of the equator.

[03:48.35]Canada is north of the equator.In Chile,it is summer in December.

[03:56.09]It is winter June.But in Canada,it's the opposite.

[04:02.32]It's usually cold and snowy in December.

[04:07.36]2.Do you like to go to the beach?

[04:13.58]You can go to the beach n July in Canada.

[04:19.52]And you can go to the beach in December in Chile.

[04:25.46]3.Do you like to play in the snow?

[04:31.33]Go to Canada from Decenber to March.

[04:36.88]Go to Chile from June to Augest.

[04:43.10]Bring your jacket,hat,gloves,and skis!

[04:49.48]4.Tropical countries are near the equator.

[04:56.71]In tropical countries,there is usually no Apring or Fall.

[05:03.16]There is a rainy season and a dry season.

[05:08.30]Go to tropical countries in the dry season.

[05:13.45]You can go on the rainy season,

[05:17.52]but don't forget your umbrella,raincoat,and boots!

[05:23.46]Draw two seasons where you live.

[05:33.00]What's your favorite season?

[05:36.53]My favorite season is the fall.

[05:40.74]What do you wear?

[05:43.98]In the fall,I wear a jacket and jeans.

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