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[00:00.00]Unit 2 On the playground

[00:05.98]1.Listen.Read and sing.

[00:19.55]1.Oh,she's swinging on the swing in front of me.

[00:28.19]Oh,she's swinging on the swing,she's swinging on the swing,

[00:41.62]she's swinging on the swing in front of me.



[03:22.25]A big yellow bee is sitting on me!

[03:27.00]How many more are all around me?


[05:13.67]9.Read and write.

[05:25.12]I look at the playground and in front of me I see:

[05:37.86]A blue bird in a green tree

[06:52.78]Playground Games by Judy Veramendi

[07:00.12]Look at the children in Ireland.They're playing on a playground.

[07:11.96]They're playing games and climbing on a jungle gym.

[07:18.01]Mosquito one,Mosquito two,Mosquito jumping on my shoe.

[07:29.06]Look at teh children in Trinidad.They're singing.

[07:34.90]Mosquito three Mosquito four,Mosquito jumping on the door.

[07:46.74]Look at the children in the United States.They're jumping rope.

[07:55.56]Jump under the tree.Jump behind the tree.

[08:01.21]How many children are jumping?Ten,twenty,thirty,forty,fifty!

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