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00:00.00]Unit 1 My Activities

[00:06.66]1.Listen and say the chant.

[00:19.51]Hello.Good morning.How do you do?

[00:24.95]Hello.Good morning.How are you?

[00:30.49]I'm just fine.I'm just grand.

[00:35.14]Give me a smile and shake my hand.

[00:40.00]2.Listen,say,and match.

[00:53.14]1.She gets dressed.

[00:59.47]2.She eats breakfast.

[01:08.72]3.She gets up.

[01:17.36]4.She goes to bed.

[01:25.90]5.She watches TV.

[01:35.33]6.She brushes her teech.

[01:44.18]6.Listen.Circle the clock.

[02:30.44]8.Listen and sing.

[02:41.89]Look at the Time

[02:45.42]Look at the time,It's eight o'clock,eight o'clock,eight o'clock.

[02:55.86]Look at the time,It's eight o'clock.Time to go to school!

[03:06.19]10.Ask and answer.

[03:18.32]What time do you get up?

[03:22.18]I get up at 6:45.

[03:26.53]The Ant and the Grasshopper

[03:32.58]Based on a Fable Retold by Yoko Mia Hirano

[03:41.62]1.Ant lives next go Grasshopper.

[03:48.85]Ant says"I like to work and go to school every day."

[03:57.31]Every day Ant gets up at 7:15.She finds food before school.

[04:07.36]She reads and writes.After school she plays soccer.

[04:15.31]Ant works and works.Grasshopper doesn't like to work.

[04:23.66]2.One day Grasshopper gets up at 10:00.

[04:31.22]She says,"O like to hop and sing every day."

[04:39.18]She gets dressed and eats breakfast.

[04:45.41]After breakfast she hops and sings and watches TV.

[04:52.54]At 11:45 she goes back to sleep.

[04:58.58]3.Ant walks home at lunch.She sees Grasshopper and says,"Hello!"

[05:09.92]Grasshopper opens one eye and asks,"What time is it?"

[05:16.69]Ant says,"It's 12:45."

[05:23.21]Grasshopper sits up and smiles."Is it time for lunch?"she asks.

[05:33.14]"Yes,"says Ant,"but you don't have any food."

[05:39.80]4.Grasshopper looks at Ant's food.

[05:46.64]"Can I eat some of your food?'she asks.

[05:52.69]Ant says,"I work every day.You hop and sing and play."

[06:02.23]Grasshopper says,"After lunch,I can work."

[06:09.47]Ant gives Grasshopper some food.

[06:15.70]After lunch Grasshopper hops and sings and works.

[06:24.73]PROJECT Make a chart.

[06:34.88]What do you do before school?

[06:38.52]I eat my breakfast.

[06:42.08]What time do you eat breakfast?

[06:45.54]At 7:30.

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