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00:00.00]Unit 8 A Small World

[00:05.69]7.Listen.Fill the chart.

[01:20.75]9.Listen and sing.

[01:32.88]I Think I Might Travel

[01:36.52]I think I might travel I think I might roam

[01:53.76]Across the wide world Far away from my home.

[02:01.21]A wonderful planet Outside of my door

[02:08.45]With wondrous inventions That I can explore.


[02:39.55]1.Think about your favorite things.

[02:45.92]Did you never wonder where they were discovered or invented?

[02:51.58]This is the story of four important inventions.

[02:57.80]Thanks to the Chinese,we can enjoy fireworks!

[03:03.06]How they were invented is a mystery.

[03:07.13]We think that the Chinese made fireworks

[03:12.46]to protect themselves from enemies.

[03:16.49]But,It all happened a long,long time ago.

[03:21.85]Think of fireworks.Imagine a rainbow of colors dancing in the sky.

[03:31.21]Imagine the huge BOOM!

[03:35.75]Billions all over the world enjoy this wonderful Chinese invention.

[03:44.10]2.A very important invention for all of us was the calendar.

[03:52.06]Calendars were invented in a number of countries:

[03:57.31]China,Mexico,France,and India.

[04:03.14]But the first calendar wiht 365 days was invented in Egypt.

[04:11.10]The Egyptian calendar had twelve months.

[04:17.33]Every month had thirty days.

[04:21.90]The five days lelf at the end of the year were used for celebrations.

[04:28.85]Can you imagine where we might be without the calendar?

[04:34.21]3.Chocolate!We know where it came from.

[04:41.66]For years and years the Aztecs

[04:46.92]used the beans of a tree to make chocolate

[04:51.67]Then in the 1500s,the Aztecs Emperor Montezuma presented

[04:58.62]presented a delicious chocolate drink to explorers

[05:04.06]who had come Mexico from Spain.They tookit back to Spain.

[05:10.72]It was one of the first exports from the New World to the Old World.

[05:16.87]From that time on,chocolate was very popular in Spain.

[05:23.03]Today the world loves chocolate milk,ice cream,and candy.

[05:30.66]4.Did you ever fly in an airplane?

[05:36.67]Did you wonder how it came to be?

[05:40.70]For a long time,inventors

[05:45.06]in a number of countries tried to solve the riddle of flight.

[05:50.82]But the first inventors of a working airplane

[05:55.57]were the Wright brothers of the United States.

[06:00.22]They first experimented with kites.After that,

[06:05.87]they tried different models of airplanes.

[06:10.22]Then,on December 17,1903,they flew an airplane for twelve seconds!

[06:19.08]The airplane is an invention that really made the world smaller.

[06:25.52]And with future inventions,

[06:29.16]it's true that the world will continue to get smaller and more exciting.

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