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00:00.00]Unit 5 What a Trip!


[00:24.91]Oh,the weather is hot,And the sky is clear,

[00:36.36]It's a beautiful spot.This time of year.

[00:43.60]Oh,the weather is hot and the sky is clear,

[00:49.82]It's a beautiful spot this time of year.

[00:56.77]Oh,I'm never going to leave this place again.

[01:07.21]Oh,the clouds get dark,And the thunder roars,

[01:15.06]And the lightning strikes,Then it rains and pours.

[01:22.22]Oh,the clouds get dark and the thunder rars,

[01:28.88]And the lightning strikes,then it rains and pours,

[01:35.54]Oh,I'm never going to leave this place again.

[03:18.90]7.Listen to the weather report.

[04:35.04]10.Listen and sing about vacations.

[04:50.38]We went on a vacation,Vacation,vacation,

[05:01.64]We went on a vacation,

[05:06.18]And what do you think we saw?

[05:10.10]And what do you think we saw?

[05:14.17]And what do you think we saw?

[05:18.42]Other people on vacation People on vacation

[05:24.86]People on vacation That's the only thing we saw.


[05:47.98]1.Dear Diary,Here we are in Coata Rica!

[05:56.80]We got to the hotel just in time for lunch.

[06:02.84]Our waiter said that the fish with vegetables was good.

[06:09.00]It was wonderful!We also enjoyed the tropical fruit we ate for dessert.

[06:16.96]We could see a lake and the Arenal Volcano from the dining room window.

[06:24.98]Dad and I took a boat ride and Mom and Maria rested by the pool.

[06:33.23]Now Maria wants to be a lifeguard so he can stay by the poop all day!

[06:40.86]2.Dear Diary,Today we hiked to the forest.And it was Not rainy!

[06:52.20]That's because it's the dry season.

[06:57.85]It hasn't rained for three months!I'm happy I decided to take photos.

[07:06.60]I took some good pictures of monkeys and been at a water hole.

[07:13.44]The monkeys love to play in the water and get very wet.

[07:19.38]But they didn't look happy with the bees.

[07:25.03]3.Dear Diary,We went back to the rain forest

[07:33.67]to watch other animals at the weather hole.

[07:38.21]A loud noise made the animals run,but in a short time they returned.

[07:45.88]The water hole stays wet because it gets water from under the ground.

[07:54.23]It's still sunny.When does the weather change here?

[08:01.07]4.Dear Diary,Last night we slept inside a tent in the rain forest.

[08:10.61]It was cool,but we were warm in our sleeping bags.

[08:16.94]When it started to rain,we were hiking.Then it poured!

[08:23.10]It was not a day to be outdoors,so we went back to the hotel.

[08:29.83]Later today we fly home-at elevn o'clock.

[08:36.56]What a wonderful,wonderful trip!

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