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[00:00.00]Unit 4 Shopping


[00:17.86]That jacket doesn't fit.It's too small,and the sleeves are too short.

[00:24.52]You really need a new jacket.

[00:28.94]I want to go to the mall.There's a sale at DeMarco's Clothing Store.

[00:34.60]I need to new white shirt for school.

[00:38.52]How do we get to DeMarco's Clothing Store?

[00:47.05]Got go the end of the aisle.Turn left and go past Jan's Jewelry Box.

[00:56.09]DeMarco's is across from Steve's Sport Shop.


[01:19.67]I want a jacket with a zipper and big pickets.

[01:24.02]I like this green jacket with the big pockets.

[01:29.06]How much does it cost?

[01:32.52]$39.95.It's on sale.Try it on.

[01:38.46]This jacket is too baggy on me.

[01:42.31]You need a smaller size.Here's a medium.

[01:47.35]But it's more expensive than the green jacket.

[01:51.71]It's$44.50.But it fits fine and it's the nicest jacket on the rack.

[01:59.45]Do you want to wear it now?


[02:19.14]Oh,the West Park Mall,the West Park Mall,

[02:31.78]It's bigger than the other malls around it.

[02:37.50]The West Park Mall,the West Park Mall,

[02:42.76]You're going to be so happy that you found it.

[02:47.90]They're got jwelry and rings and a thousand other things,

[02:53.63]Like cameras and computers,and all that.

[02:58.49]There is luggage,there are lamps,a post office to get stamps,

[03:04.36]And a place to buy a puppy or a cat.

[03:16.27]Oh,the West Park Mall,the West Park Mall,

[03:21.92]It's bigger than the other malls around it.

[03:27.86]The West Park Mall,the West Park Mall,

[03:33.01]You're going to be so happy that you found it

[04:33.74]7.Listen.Where are you!

[05:30.98]A Day at the Mall by Judy Nayer

[05:41.89]1.It was Saturday.Saturday was shopping day in my family.

[05:50.64]My mother saw an ad about a sale at the mall.

[05:56.08]The biggest department store was having an anniversary sale,

[06:01.73]and everything was half price.

[06:05.76]My mother decided I needed new clothes.

[06:11.09]I was in big trouble.I liked my clothes.

[06:17.35]They fit me,and they looked great.

[06:21.78]But my mother loves shopping,and she loves sales.

[06:27.72]There was no stopping her.

[06:31.36]2.For a minute I thought I was lucky.

[06:37.01]Dad had the car.How could we get there?

[06:42.44]But Mom said,"We can take the bus!"

[06:47.20]The bus stopped at Sixth Avenue,just one block from the mall.

[06:53.42]At the mall,my mother asked for directions to the big department store.

[06:59.94]A man said the store was across from the pet store.

[07:05.20]We went past my favorite stores-Guitar World,Music Corner,and Sneaker Stop.

[07:14.74]I wanted a new CD.But my mother said not to look in the window.

[07:21.68]We had to go straight to the department store.

[07:26.54]We had to turn rihgt and go past the luggage store.

[07:32.48]It was next to the jewelry store.

[07:36.44]3.Mom moved so fast!She ran down the aisle and found the racks of clothes.

[07:47.06]She was excited.Her figers moved through shirt after shirt.

[07:53.94]"Here!"she said."Try these on!"Everything Mom picked was awful.

[08:02.18]There were flowered shirts and checked shirts.

[08:07.62]There were pairs of plaid pants and pairs of striped pants.

[08:14.50]One shirt had sleeves that were too short.

[08:19.14]One pair of jeans had no pockets.

[08:23.89]I wasn't surprised they were half price.Who would wear them?

[08:29.65]4.My mother was getting tired.

[08:35.48]"These clothes look comfortable,"I said.

[08:40.42]"And they're my size.I'll try them on."

[08:45.96]I came out wearing my plain,solid-colored T-shirt and baggy pants.

[08:53.81]"May I get them?"I asked.

[08:58.06]"Yes.I like those clothes,"my mother said with a smile.

[09:04.90]"How much do they cost?"

[09:08.46]"Imagine that!"I said"My old clothers are free!"

[09:15.19]"Wow!That's better than half price,"said Mom.

[09:22.54]"Don't tell the salesperson,"I said to my mother.

[09:27.68]"But my old clothers are better than any of the new clothers here!"

[09:34.20]"You're right,"Mom said as we walked out the door.

[09:39.64]"Sometimes something old can be better than something new."

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