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[00:00.00]I am your fine-feathered friend.

[00:12.28]Welcmoe to Book5.My name is Boris.

[00:17.14]And I am Betty.Let's take a flight through Book5.

[00:25.27]Unit 1 My Family's Story

[00:33.12]2.Listen to the conversation.

[00:44.96]What are you looking at?

[00:48.60]It's my family album.

[00:52.45]Whose wedding picture is that?

[00:56.38]My mom and dad's.

[00:59.72]They look so young.

[01:03.65]Mmmm.They went to school together and got married after they graduated.

[01:10.31]Is that you,the baby wiht the big blue eyes and no hair?

[01:16.97]Yeach,that's me,ten years ago!

[01:21.72]I was born on their wedding anniversary,March 10.

[01:27.44]What a way to celebrate an anniversary!

[01:32.99]I guess they can't forget your birthday,can they?

[01:37.52]No,they can't.

[01:41.48]7.Listen,Say the chant.

[01:54.91]My grandpa is a carpenter.He makes things with tools.

[02:00.35]My grandma is a teacher.She spends her time in schools.

[02:06.40]My mother is an artist.She made a bridge today.

[02:11.94]My father is an engineer.He made a bridge today.

[02:17.27]My cousin is a salesperson.He can sell you a brand-new scooter.

[02:23.64]His sister is a secretary.She's always glued to her computer.

[02:29.58]Aunt Janet is a dentist.She fixes people's teeth.

[02:34.80]My cousin Bob's a student,And so is cousin Keith.

[02:39.73]9.Complete Michael's family tree.

[03:25.06]The Most Wonderful Present

[03:31.50]A Folktale from Turkey.Retold by Judy Nayer

[03:41.76]1.Long ago,there lived a king who had a daughter.

[03:48.92]The king was a good father.His daughter wanted to get married,

[03:56.27]so he and his wife decided to help her look for a husband.

[04:01.63]The king said,

[04:04.48]"The one who brings us the nost wonderful present can meet my daughter.

[04:11.82]If she falls in love with him,he can marry her."

[04:16.97]People sent special presents to the castle.

[04:21.61]There were beautiful clay bowls,glasses,clocks,and coins.

[04:28.85]But not one of the presents was special enough.

[04:34.21]2.In a small town lived thre brothers.

[04:40.94]The three brothers decided to go shopping.

[04:45.52]The oldest brother was the tallest and had curly black hair.

[04:52.18]He chose a special glass that let you see what was happening anywhere.

[04:58.62]The second brother was the shortest and had long brown hair.

[05:05.35]He found a beautiful red rug.It let you fly anywhere.

[05:12.59]3.The youngest brother had short blond hair.

[05:19.82]He didn't know what to get.

[05:23.39]Then he heard a man say,"Lemons!Lemons!"

[05:29.72]He asked what was special about the lemons.

[05:34.66]The man said that if anyone is sick,the lemon juice can make them well.

[05:42.90]The youngest brother picked one of the lemons.

[05:47.65]The oldest brother looked in the glass.

[05:51.90]He saw the king's daughter,and she was sick!

[05:57.26]The second brother said,"Hurry up!We must go there!"

[06:02.99]The three brothers climbed onto the magic rug.

[06:07.92]Soon they were at the castle.

[06:11.84]4.The youngest brother said,"Take this lemon.

[06:18.07]The juice will make your daughter well."

[06:22.32]The lemon worked!The princess got well!

[06:27.97]When the king found out why the brothers had come,

[06:32.72]he said,"Thank you for the glass and the rug.

[06:38.95]But it was the lemon that made my daughter well.

[06:43.99]It was the most wonderful present."

[06:48.74]The princess fell in love with the youngest brohter.

[06:54.00]So she and the youngest brother got married.

[06:58.75]Cousins,aunts,uncles,and all the relatves came to celebrate.

[07:06.20]It was the most wondeful wedding anyone ever saw!

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