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[00:04.10]What’s the matter?

[00:13.95]Conversation 1

[00:17.71]Are you OK?You don’t look very well.

[00:23.88]No.I know.I’ve got an awful cold.Oh,no.How long’ve you had that?

[00:31.24]For a few days now.

[00:34.80]Well.maybe you should take a day off work or something.

[00:40.15]No.I just need to get a good night’s sleep tonight.then I’ll be OK.

[00:47.28]Conversation 2

[00:52.01]You look terrible.Are you all right?

[00:58.78]No,not really,I’ve got a terrbile headache.

[01:04.94]How come?Have you not been well?

[01:09.98]No.no.I’ve just had a really stressful day at work.That’s all.

[01:16.75]Well,Maybe you should go and have a lie down or something.

[01:22.21]No.it’s all right.I just need some aspirin.then I’ll be OK.

[01:28.97]2.While you listen

[01:41.12]At the doctor’s

[01:44.36]It was a pint you wanted,wasn’t it?

[01:49.32]Yeah,cheers.Do you want a cigarette?Yeah,thanks.Oh,I need this.

[01:57.68]Have you had a bad week or something?Yeah,

[02:02.44]I’ve been really busy just trying to catch up with work after last week.

[02:08.78]Oh,yeah?I was ill all last week.It was awful.I had this terrible flu.

[02:17.14]I couldn’t sleep.I was sweating all through the night.

[02:22.42]and I’d get up in the morning and my whole body would be stiff and aching.

[02:29.08]It was terrible.I thought I was going to die.Honestly,it was awful.Yeah?

[02:37.73]So I rang the doctor and he just said he didn’t have any appointments till this Tuesday,

[02:45.67]so I said,What good is that?I’ll probably be better by then-or dead!

[02:52.23]So he said,Well,you don’t need to see me,then,and put the phone down.

[02:59.38]I couldn’t believe it.Doctors these days are just so unhelpful.Yeah.

[03:06.75]You know,my mum...she’s seventy

[03:11.79]and the other day she was coming home from the shops and she slipped and fell over

[03:18.06]and when she work up the following day.she had a really sore back.

[03:24.41]She cold hardly move.She rang the doctor to ask him to come out,

[03:30.78]but he wouldn’t.so then she had to go all the way to the surgery by herself.

[03:38.15]Then,when she got there,she had to wait around for about an hour

[03:44.99]with all these really ill people coughing and sneezing and spreading their germs.

[03:52.75]When she finally saw the doctor,he looked her over for about ten seconds

[04:00.01]and he just told her to go home and lie down for a few days.

[04:05.79]That was it!No pain-killers,no physiotherapy,nothing!

[04:12.13]And then on top of all that,he told her she should maybe lose some weight.

[04:19.79]No.Yeah!And then two days later,she got this nasty chest infection,

[04:27.73]which she probably picked up in the waiting room.

[04:32.48]so she went back and this time he just told her to take it easy and drink lots of water,

[04:40.74]She wanted some kind of medicine,

[04:44.87]but he said it wouldn’t work for some reason.I don’t know!

[04:50.64]It seems as if we pay all these taxes so we can have a free service,

[04:57.59]but all we really get from them is all this advice about giving up smoking,

[05:04.14]getting more exercise,cutting down on fatty food

[05:09.79]and anything else which makes life worth living.Doctors?

[05:15.22]They treat you as if you’re two years old!

[05:19.76]I know...do you want another cigarette?Well..

[05:25.41]I shouldn’t really.I’m trying to give up.Oh,all right.Just one last one!

[05:32.17]5 Pronunciation:sentence stress

[05:48.03]1.This is going to cost us a fortune.

[05:53.88]No.It shouldn’t be that expensive.

[05:58.92]2.It’s going to be in the nineties in Egypt,I’m sure.

[06:06.29]No.It shouldn’t be that hot.

[06:11.15]3.It’s going to be well below zero by the time we land in Finland.

[06:19.40]No.It shouldn’t be that cold.

[06:24.13]4.I’m terrified of injections!It’s really going to hurt.

[06:31.78]It shouldn’t be that painful.

[06:36.04]5.That meeting’s going to be awful!

[06:42.70]No.It shouldn’t be that bad.

[06:47.67]6.It’s going to take hours.

[06:53.86]No.It shouldn’t take that long.

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