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[00:04.60]2 Talking about life in your country

[00:12.04]What do you do back home?

[00:16.40]Well,I was working in a car factory,but it closed down.

[00:23.54]That's why I'm here,really.

[00:27.69]I got some money when I lost my job

[00:31.45]and I decided to go travelling for a while to think about what to do next.

[00:36.91]And what are you going to do?

[00:40.46]I still haven't decided.The economy's in a bit of a mess at the moment.

[00:47.02]There's a lot of unemployment and people aren't spending much money,

[00:52.58]so it's going to be difficult to find a new job.

[00:56.95]I might try to retrain and do something completely different.

[01:02.59]Have you got any idea what you want to do?

[01:06.95]Not really.Maybe something with computers.

[01:12.52]I might try to find a job abroad for a while before I do that.

[01:18.18]What about your country? Is it easy to find work there?

[01:24.04]Yes.A few years ago it was quite bad,

[01:28.79]but the economy's doing quite well at the moment.

[01:33.23]I think unemplohyment is about four per cent,

[01:38.19]so finding a job isn't really a problem.

[01:42.45]The problem is the cost of living.

[01:46.11]Prices have gone up a lot over the last few years.

[01:51.26]Everything is more expensive,so the money you earn goes really quicky.

[01:57.52]Right.Sometimes I think I should move to somewhere like here.

[02:03.77]I'm sure people don't get paid very much,

[02:08.44]but the cost of living is so low and there's a better quality of life.

[02:13.77]People don't work as hard;life is more relacxed;

[02:19.10]the food's great;the weather's great;it's just very nice.

[02:25.16]Yes,maybe,but don't forget that you are on holiday.

[02:30.52]Maybe it's not like that for the people who live here.

[02:35.19]No,maybe not.

[02:38.43]So anyway,how long are you going to stay here?

[02:43.40]Just till Friday.I have to get back to work.What about you?

[02:49.56]How long are you staying?

[02:52.80]Till I get bored or I run out of money.I don't have any plans.

[02:59.64]4 Proununciation:of

[03:12.31]the quality of life

[03:20.18]a lot of money

[03:24.72]the cost of living

[03:30.08]out of business

[03:35.22]lots of problems

[03:41.39]a bit of a mess

[03:45.83]3 While you listen

[03:57.30]Did you see those two young people at the bus stop?

[04:02.57]I did.Young people nowadays have got no shame.

[04:09.84]We were never alowed to kiss in public like that,were we,Doris?

[04:15.90]No.We lived in a more polite time.

[04:20.75]The language young people use today-it's awful.

[04:26.40]They swear all the time-using all those bad words.Honestly,it's shameful.

[04:33.97]I know.Did I tell you what happened to me in the supermarket the other day?

[04:41.70]No,what happened?

[04:45.23]Well,you know I have a bad leg.

[04:50.19]Oh yes.You have to use a stick sometimes,don't you?

[04:55.84]Yes.Well,I did my little bit of shopping-you know,

[05:02.99]just a little bit of bread and cheese-I don't eat much these days.

[05:09.94]And then I bought some tins of cat food.

[05:14.80]Just a few things,then.

[05:18.17]Yes,and I came to the checkout to pay and there was a queue.

[05:25.43]Well,my leg was hurting because I'd been walking round the shop,you know.

[05:32.09]Well,you've got a bad leg,haven't you?

[05:36.46]Mm.But no one offered to let me go first.

[05:42.52]I just had to wait.

[05:46.28]Oh,young people!

[05:49.75]When we wer young,we always used to let old people go first,didn't we?

[05:56.41]I know,but it just doesn't happen any more.

[06:02.16]No.Young people today-they're always in such a rush.

[06:07.80]Anyway,I told the boy in front of me.I said,'My let's hurting.

[06:15.67]They should have help for old people like me.

[06:20.32]We should get treated better.'

[06:24.44]Good for you.

[06:27.60]But do you know what he did then?

[06:31.44]He called me something which I'm not going to repeat and he laughed at me!

[06:37.61]No!That's terrible,Marge.They've got no respect,these young people.

[06:44.69]Oh,look at those two standing by the door.

[06:49.73]Are they boys or girls?You can't tell the difference sometimes

[06:56.10]with these girls with their short hair and trousers

[07:01.15]and the boys with rings in their ears and noses and everywhere.

[07:07.31]Oh,I know.It wasn't like that in our day.

[07:13.19]Girls were girls and boys were boys.

[07:18.54](sound of a mobile phone?Oh that's mine.

[07:24.00]Hello,Reg.Is that you?Yes,I'm on the bus.

[07:30.17]I said I'm on the bus!

[07:34.32]Review:Units 17-20

[07:43.39]1 Contrastive stress:weak and strong forms

[07:51.64]Listen to these conversations.

[07:56.08]I'm 18.Really?I don't believe you.

[08:01.83]IAM(18).I can do it.

[08:08.07]No you can't.I CAN(do it)

[08:12.72]I like it.Really? I DO (like it).

[08:19.17]Listen to these pairs of weak and strong stressed auxiliaries.

[08:28.55]He's married.He is.

[08:33.70]She runs a company.She does.

[08:40.78]He's been Learning English.he has.

[08:49.32]He went to a bilingual school.He did.

[08:57.26]She's never been on a plane.She hasn't.

[09:05.44]I'll pay you tomorrow.I will.

[09:13.30]I love running.I do.

[09:20.74]I can run a mile.I can.

[09:28.32]2 Vowel sounds:dipthongs

[09:40.15]years shade

[09:49.69]coast square

[10:00.16]where below

[10:10.80]weird hair

[10:21.43]blow your nose

[10:27.49]this tastes great

[10:33.76]it's really serious

[10:39.61]the air fare

[10:45.98]3 Problem sounds:/w/and/j/

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