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[00:04.70]2 Borrowing money

[00:10.95]Have you got time for a coffee?

[00:15.10]Yes,OK.Where do you want to go?

[00:19.77]How about that place on the corner?

[00:24.14]Yes,fine.Oh no!

[00:28.50]What's the matter?

[00:31.56]Oh,I've just realised I've left my wallet at home.

[00:36.91]Don't worry.It's ok.I'll pay for the coffee.

[00:42.79]Yes,thanks,but it's not just that I'm Meeting someone at two and I'll have to go back home and get it.

[00:50.83]I can't spend the whole day without any Money.

[00:55.51]Well,do you want me to lend you some?

[00:59.77]Would you mind?

[01:02.93]No,of course not.How much do you need?Is thirty euros enough?

[01:09.77]That'd be great,if you can.

[01:13.85]Yes,sure.No problem.I'll just have to go to the cash machine,though.

[01:20.09]Do you want to meet me in the cafe?I'll be there in a minute.

[01:25.66]OK.There you are.

[01:32.60]Great that's briliant.I'll pay you back next week,when I see you.

[01:39.08]Yes,fine.There's no hurry.Have you ordered?

[01:45.14]No,I was walting for you to get here.I wasn't sure how you like your coffee.

[01:51.60]1 They're rich

[02:02.36]Maybe I'm just jealous,but I think banks are too rich.

[02:08.42]The big banks in Britain made over 15 billion last year.

[02:15.50]If you ask me,they shouldn't be allowed to make so much money.

[02:21.06]2 They're mean

[02:25.61]One reason they make so much money is that,like all rich people,

[02:32.45]they are mean!

[02:35.79]That's why they give us about 0.2% interest when we have money in the bank,

[02:43.45]but when we borrow money from Them,

[02:47.52]they charge us anything from 8% to 25% interest.

[02:54.18]It's terrible!

[02:57.35]3 Bank charges

[03:01.79]Imagine you borrowed my car and I said,

[03:07.66]'Listen,can you bring it back by six o'clock,because I need to go out somewhere?

[03:14.14]You bring car back at 6.01 and I ask for 40,

[03:20.91]because you brought it back late.

[03:24.36]The following day,I write you a letter telling you that you gave me 40.

[03:31.02]I then also charge you another 15 because I had to send you a letter.

[03:37.99]On top of that,I ask for another 5,because my car is less valuable now,

[03:45.44]because you drove it for two hours.

[03:49.09]I then phone you to say you can borrow my car whenever you like.

[03:55.05]It doesn't sound fair,does it?

[03:58.89]But that's the kind of thing banks do if you spend 1 more than you should.

[04:05.34]The only difference is,they don't ask you for the money,

[04:10.70]they just take it from your account!

[04:14.54]4 Changing banks

[04:19.50]It's very difficult to change banks.

[04:24.54]In fact,it's more difficult than getting divorced!

[04:29.58]You have to write to so many people to tell them you've changed banks,

[04:35.64]you get bored and you stop.

[04:39.30]And anyway,you know it's a waste of time,because(unlike a new wife or husband!)

[04:46.75]your new bank will be exactly the same as your old one!

[04:51.79]5 Junk mail

[04:56.44]asking me if I'd like to take out a loan or get a new credit card.

[05:05.79]I always throw these letters in the bin.

[05:10.23]I wish the banks would stop sending me them.

[05:15.09]It's such a waste of paper.

[05:19.16]6 They're bad for poor countries

[05:24.62]One way banks make their money is by charging a lot of interest

[05:31.10]to poor countries for loans they have made to their governments.

[05:36.43]A lot of these countries now spend so much on the interest to the banks,

[05:42.78]they can't afford to spend money on education,health and other basic services.

[05:49.86]7 Banks abroad

[05:54.51]I often hope that when I go abroad,banks will be better than they are here.

[06:01.06]When I go to change money,there are almost no customers in the bank.

[06:07.23]However,I still have to wait for hours to be served.

[06:12.90]Then you have to fill in a form,

[06:17.03]have proof of ID and sign your name about six times-just to change 50.

[06:24.57]Then they charge you 3% commission for the service!

[06:29.54]8 I need them!

[06:34.81]Perhaps the thing I hate most about banks is the fact that I need one!

[06:41.29]They're like men-you can't live with them,

[06:45.94]but you can't live without them!

[06:49.42]For a while,I tried to live without having a bank account,but it was impossible.

[06:56.26]Everything just took a very long time.

[07:01.43]It was difficult to get paid,it took a long time to pay bills,

[07:07.99]and if people gave me cheques,I had to pay the bank to get them cashed.

[07:14.05]And I worried about having lots of cash in the house

[07:19.09]and carrying it around in the street.

[07:22.93]I couldn't do it,and in the end,I opened a new account.

[07:28.60]I was lucky,because millions of people can't open an account.

[07:34.53]The bank won't let them,because they don't have enough money

[07:39.57]which is another reason why I hate banks!

[07:44.22]1 While you listen

[07:56.16]Conversation 1

[08:00.13]Can't you ask your mum and dad for some?

[08:04.57]I have,but they just said I've had my pocket money already.

[08:11.05]They only give me 15 a week.

[08:15.70]I buy one CD and it's nearly all gone.

[08:20.53]It's a pain.I can never afford to go out these days.

[08:26.78]Won't they give you any more? Fifteen pounds is nothing.

[08:32.13]No.I've asked them,but they just said I should get a job.

[08:38.37]It's so unfair.You don't have a job.

[08:44.02]Gino doesn't have a job.None of my friends have one.

[08:49.97]I know,It's awful!

[08:54.13]I don't want to spend my weekends filling shelves in a supermarket for 5 an hour.

[09:01.99]I'm glad they're not my parents.

[09:06.06]Conversation 2

[09:11.21]So how's work?

[09:14.87]Oh,dont ask! It's just the same old thing.I'm really fed up with it.

[09:21.95]You know,I'm earning the same money as I was

[09:26.91]when I first started there five years ago.

[09:31.35]That's terrible.Haven't you had any pay rise in five years?


[09:40.57]So how much do you get?

[09:44.02]Seven euros an hour.

[09:47.86]Seven?That's awful.How do you survive?

[09:53.50]Well,I have to live at home with my parents,I cycle to work,that kind of thing.

[10:01.05]I manage,but it's terrible money.

[10:05.73]I never have any money at the end of the month.

[10:10.59]So why don't you get another job?

[10:14.35]I can't afford to take time off work to go to interviews.

[10:19.70]And there aren's that many jobs around at the moment,anyway.

[10:25.48]That's awful.

[10:28.64]Conversation 3

[10:35.19]Did you see the new jeans Jenny was wearing?

[10:40.76]Yes,they looked OK.I'm not sure I would wear them,though.

[10:47.52]No,me neither.But you know how much they cost?

[10:53.87]No.Were they expensive?

[10:58.60]Two hundred and fifty pounds

[11:03.35]Two hundred and fifty pounds for a pair of jeans!You're joking.

[11:10.01]No,honestly,she told me herself.

[11:15.06]She got them in some fancy designer shop on Saturday.

[11:20.62]That's craxy.Is she really well off,then?

[11:26.18]I don't think so.She's a nurse.She works at the Springfield card.

[11:33.63]I went out with her the other day and she probably spent 150 then.

[11:45.41]Honestly,she just spends money like water.

[11:50.66]Maybe she's from a rich family.

[11:54.53]I don't think so-

[11:57.98]and she was complaining she couldn't afford to go on holiday in the summer,

[12:04.04]because she's in debt!I'm not surprised.

[12:09.39]Conversation 4

[12:14.85]Did you get the bill?Yes.

[12:19.60]How much was it?Fifteen pounds.

[12:24.05]Really? Let me have a look..What? Two fifty for a coffee.I'm running out of money-fast!

[12:30.81]That's terrible! No,that's quite normal,isn't it?

[12:36.85]No way!Things like that are much cheaper in my country than they are here in London.

[12:43.79]I mean,you probably only pay about a pund for a coffee

[12:49.25]and a snack like this would only cost about six or seven.

[12:54.30]Oh,in my country it's fairly similar to here.

[13:00.17]The only thing which is cheaper there is public transport.

[13:05.74]Buses and trains are much cheaper than they are here.

[13:11.38]And they're nicer as well.

[13:15.51]Yes,well,everything's cheaper in my country than it is here.

[13:21.28]That's why I can't afford to stay here in the UK much longer.

[13:26.74]I'm running out of money-fast!

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