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[00:10.40]Now you’re talking!

[00:13.84]So,have you had any more thoughts about what you’re going to do next year,them?

[00:19.70]Mm.I don’t know,really.

[00:24.14]I mean.I was thinking that it might be a good idea to do that art course I was telling you about,

[00:30.62]but it all depends on my results.

[00:34.46]So what about France?Weren’t you talking about going to Paris a while back?

[00:40.52]Oh,for that France course?Well,I would still like to do it,

[00:46.18]but I just don’t know if I can afford it.

[00:50.23]Oh,I know what you mean.Money’s always a problem,isn’t it?

[00:55.59]I mean,what I’d really like to do next year is learn to drive and buy a car,

[01:01.36]but I’m not sure if I’ll have the cash.

[01:05.41]The thing is,I’m just so sick of having to get buses everywhere.

[01:11.29]Dreadful,aren’t they?

[01:14.45]You wait half an hour and then three come along at the same time.

[01:19.80]So,you’re basically just going to be staying around here,

[01:24.24]just trying to save up some money,then?

[01:27.80]Yes,I suppose so.It depends,really.I mean,if I can find a good job,

[01:34.46]then I’ll stick around,but otherwise what I was thinking

[01:39.13]of doing eventually is going back to Glasgow.

[01:43.39]Oh right,because you grew up there,didn’t you?

[01:47.76]Yes,that’s right,yes,so I suppose I do see myself ending up there eventually.

[01:53.82]Yeah. So assuming you do this art course,

[01:58.96]what do you see yourself doing after that,in the long term?

[02:04.00]Oh,I don’t know.No idea really.I haven’t though that far ahead.

[02:10.85]I’ll just take it as it comes and see what happens.

[02:15.81]Just listen to us.Nick!We just sound so boring!

[02:20.88]Why don’t we go off somewhere together this summer,you know,maybe

[02:26.44]-I don’t know-work abroad for six months?

[02:30.99]What?You mean picking grapes in France?That kind of thing?

[02:36.45]Yeah,or,I don’t know-working in a hotel in Spain,or....

[02:42.93]Or going to Australia.If the Aussies can work over here,

[02:48.28]why can’t we go and get a job over there?

[02:52.33]Yeah,I’d love to do that.Where’s the paper?

[02:56.69]What’s the cheapest flight to Sydney? Now you’re talking!

[03:02.94]2 While you read ECONOMICAL WITH THE TRUTH!

[03:17.49]Dear Adam,Hi,How’re you doing?

[03:24.04]Hope everything’s all right with you.

[03:28.59]I just thought I’d better write to let you know

[03:32.95]that I may not be able to come over and visit you in September like I said I would.

[03:39.79]The thing is,I’ve had to take a few weeks off recently

[03:45.85]because I’ve done something weird to my back.

[03:50.53]Also,as you know,I’ve got my end-of -school exams in June

[03:57.19]and I can’t really make any concrete plans until I know how I’ve doen in then,

[04:03.72]so everything’s a bit up in the air for me at the moment.

[04:08.56]Hopefully,everything will work work out fine and I will be able to come and see you,

[04:15.50]but don’t be too surprised if things fall through.

[04:20.65]By the way,I also wanted toa ask you for a word of advice.

[04:28.09]Since I’ve been stuck at home a lot lately,

[04:33.35]I’ve been surfing the net quite a lot and spending a lot of time in various chat rooms,

[04:40.48]and basically what’s happened is I’ve fallen for this womean I met.

[04:47.35]Her online name is Foxy and she sounds amazing.

[04:53.59]She’s 22,blonde and comes from Denmark.

[04:59.76]She’s studying alternative medicine and we get on like a house on fire.

[05:06.91]The problem is,though,I haven’t been entirely honest with her.

[05:14.17]I told her I was seven years older than I am,

[05:20.42]and said I was already working-in a really well-paid job.

[05:26.79]I also told her I had my own apartment right in the centre of town.

[05:33.45]Anyway,to cut a long story short,

[05:39.02]I’ve stupidly arranged to meet up with her next week.

[05:44.37]I’m really dreading it now!What do you think I should I do?

[05:50.72]Hope to hear from you very soon,All the best,Max.

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