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[00:05.20]While you read

[00:12.28]Rich and Famous or Rich and Dangerous?

[00:17.61]They say that in the end we're all the same.You can have money and fame,

[00:25.44]but in the end you still have to do the same kind of things as everyone else-

[00:31.97]sleep,eat, fall in and out of love.and,apparently.commit CRImes!

[00:40.44]Yes,when you look at the world of celebrities,

[00:45.71]it's amazing how many have had trouble with the law.

[00:51.07]Here's just a few of the ones we could remember,but the Internet has lots more!


[01:01.88]O.J.was involved in perhaps the most famous celebrity trial of them all.

[01:09.02]He was accused of killing his ex-wife.Nicole Brown.

[01:14.76]and her lover.Ronald Goldman,

[01:18.92]and he was allegedly filmed driving away from the scene in a truck.

[01:24.87]At first,the evidence suggesting he was guilty

[01:30.44]seemed to many people to be very clear,

[01:34.88]but the trial,which was televised around the world,found him innocent.

[01:41.12]Lots of people think the jury got it wrong

[01:46.16]and that he was lucky to get away with it.

[01:50.00]He had to pay several million dollars in damages to the victims' relatives

[01:56.56]when they took him to court afterward.

[02:00.32]However,as one American comedian said,

[02:05.39]Have you ever heard of a millionaire murdering someone with their own hands?

[02:11.74]These people employ someone just to answer the telephone!

[02:16.70]Johnny Depp

[02:20.36]He may look sweet and innocent,

[02:24.51]but Johnny Depp has been found guilty of vandalism more than once in his life.

[02:31.07]On one occasion,he smashed up a hotel room in New York.

[02:36.94]He was charged,but it didn't go to court

[02:41.99]because he agreed to pay $2000 to the hotel to repair the damage.

[02:48.33]Mike Tyson

[02:52.28]Mike Tyson continued to earn millions of dollars as a boxer

[02:58.44]even after he had been to prison for rape.

[03:03.20]He took a nineteen-year-old contestant in the Miss America beauty contest

[03:09.54]to his hotel room and forced her to have sex with him.

[03:14.87]He was later found guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison,

[03:21.53]but he got out just three years later for good behaviour.

[03:27.10]He hasn't exactly shown much good behaviour since then,though!

[03:32.35]Jean-Claude van Damme

[03:36.50]After admitting he had been drink-driving,

[03:41.54]the so-called Muscles from Brussels was ordered to pay a $1200 fine.

[03:49.62]was banned from driving for ninety days.

[03:53.98]and was forced to go to an anti-drink-driving course.

[03:59.26]Let's hope the course was more effective than the acting lessons he took!

[04:05.11]David Beckham

[04:08.87]Another bad driver is David Beckham.

[04:13.41]He was convicted of driving at over ninety miles an hour

[04:18.77]when he was on his way to a training session for his former football club.Manchester United.

[04:25.43]His excuse was that he was being chased by a photographer.

[04:31.49]He was also banned from driving,

[04:35.54]but shortly afterwards the judge agreed to give him back his driving licence,

[04:41.47]because he said that,as a celebrity,

[04:45.94]it was safer for Beckham to travel in his own car than on public transport.

[04:52.00]Safer for David,perhaps,but not for everyone else on the road.

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