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[00:04.49]3 Problems on holiday

[00:11.15]Hello.How are you?

[00:15.60]Great.I've seen lots of interesting things.

[00:20.64]I'm really enjoying it.

[00:24.08]Yes,it's a nice place,isn't it?

[00:28.24]Yes,lovely.So what are you doing today?

[00:33.38]Oh,I've lost my passport,

[00:38.03]so I need to go to the Embassy and see if I can get a temporary one.

[00:42.79]Oh no! Where did you lose it?

[00:46.94]I'm not sure.The last time I remember having it was in the bank the other day.

[00:53.79]Have you been back there to see if anyone's handed it in?

[00:59.06]Yes,I went there yesterday,but they didn't have it.

[01:04.10]How annoying!

[01:07.16]Yes,it's real pain.Anyway,listen,I must go.

[01:13.64]The Embassy opens at ten and I want to get there early.

[01:18.50]Yes,sure.Well,good luck.I hope you sort it all out.


[01:27.80]7 Key word:sort out

[02:29.76]Yesterday I went to the bank to get some money out of the cashpoint.

[02:39.50]There are two machines next to the bus stop where I catch my bus into town.

[02:46.27]I got to the bank and there were two people waiting at eachmachine,

[02:53.04]so I had to decide which queue to join.

[02:58.08]I was worried because I knew the bus could come at any moment,

[03:04.03]so I wanted to join the faster queue.

[03:08.58]I joined one with an old lady and a young man in front of me.

[03:14.85]The young guy finished quickly and we moved forward.

[03:20.41]I started thinking I'd made the right decision.

[03:25.66]The old lady then started looking in her bag for her purse.

[03:31.83]As the queue next to me moved forward,

[03:36.87]I thought abut changing,but I couldn't see ab bus coming and anyway,

[03:43.35]just at that moment,a couple arrived and started queuing up for the other machine.

[03:49.41]'Never mind,'I thought.

[03:53.77]'I only have to wait for one person and the old lady has found her purse.'

[04:00.43]Unfortunately,though,she had also found several cheques,

[04:07.51]which she wanted to pay into her account.

[04:11.87]She put her card in and keyed in her PIN number.

[04:18.22]The machine seemed very slow

[04:23.29]and I suddenly noticed a bus at the end of the road.

[04:29.35]The old lady took the envelope and put her cheques in,

[04:34.91]but then she dropped one.

[04:39.17]I picked it up for her and put it in the machine.

[04:44.32]I could see the bus coming to the stop before mine.

[04:50.66]The old lady finally finished!

[04:55.71]'I'm going to make it,'I said to myself.

[05:01.06]I keyed in my number and asked for fifty pounds.

[05:06.52]I waited and a message came up:

[05:11.80]'Sorry.This machine is temporarily unable to dispense money.'

[05:18.46]I wanted to scream!The bus was already leaving the stop before mine.

[05:27.31]I looked over at the three people waiting in the other queue

[05:33.27]and asked if I could jump in ahead of them.

[05:37.32]'My bus is coming,'I tried to explain.

[05:43.09]'I need the money to get the bus.'

[05:47.53]They just looked at me as if I was an alien.

[05:53.31]'No,you'll have to wait like everyone else,'one of them replied.

[06:00.25]I Joined the end of the queue.My bus left without me!

[06:07.41]In this kind of situation,

[06:13.05]there should be a law that makes everyone form just one queue.

[06:18.70]This is what happens in the post office and it works well.

[06:23.95]Everyone is treated fairly.

[06:28.00]Until that law is introduced,though,

[06:32.44]the world will continue to be divided into two groups:

[06:37.69]the people like me,who always choose the wrong queue,

[06:43.57]wait for ages and never get what they want,

[06:48.11]and the people who never have any problems in life.

[06:53.07]They just jump queues,

[06:56.73]because they know someone on the door of a club

[07:01.28]or they have a friend who is standing near the front

[07:05.53]or because they're just beautiful and some stupid man lets them push in,

[07:11.91]because he thinks they like him(but they don't).

[07:16.45]Queuing,however,isn't always a problem.

[07:21.42]I met one of my best friends in q queue.

[07:25.99]I was 14 and my favourite band Take That were doing a tour.

[07:33.25]I started queuing for tickets the night before they came on sale.

[07:39.31]There were lots of us there and the girl sitting next to me was called Rachel.

[07:45.66]She was really nice.

[07:49.60]She shared her food and drink with me.

[07:53.86]She saved my place in the queue when I had to go to the toilet

[07:59.50]and she was just good fun.

[08:03.29]We've been friends ever since.

[08:07.94]3 While you listen

[08:19.02]Conversation 1

[08:22.54]Hi,I wonder if you can help me with this.

[08:27.87]What's the problem with it?

[08:31.63]I'm not really sure.It's just not working properly.

[08:35.74]When you press record,the red light doesn't come on and then,

[08:41.90]it works,the film usually comes out looking very strange.

[08:47.83]OK.Let me have a look at it..oh,it's very dirty.

[08:54.80]How long have you had it?

[08:58.65]Quite a while now.Maybe four or five years.

[09:04.10]Right.That's quite a long time.And when was the last time you cleaned it?

[09:11.68]Cleaned it? I didn't know I had to!

[09:16.83]I've never really cleaned it.I don't know how to do it.

[09:22.39]Ah-ha!Well,that could be part of the problem.

[09:26.83]Let's open it all up and give it a good clean,

[09:31.79]and see if that makes any difference.

[09:35.45]OK.Great.Thanks.Can I leave it with you?

[09:41.09]Yes,of course.It should be ready later on today,

[09:46.27]if you want to come back later to collect it.

[09:50.63]Conversation 2

[09:55.80]Hi,thanks for coming.

[09:59.93]That's OK.Where is it?

[10:04.16]Just through here in the kitchen.There you are.

[10:08.81]Right,OK.And what's the problem with it?

[10:14.16]I'm not really sure.

[10:17.64]It's making a funny noise when it goes round

[10:22.50]and I think it's leaking somewhere because

[10:26.86]water keeps coming out from underneath here.

[10:31.61]I see.And how long've you had it?

[10:36.47]Almost four years now and I've never had any problems with it before.

[10:42.72]No,it's a very good make.

[10:46.27]They don't usually break down.

[10:50.03]Let's start with the noise.

[10:53.58]Do you always check there's no money in your pockets before you put things in?

[10:59.46]Wll...um..I try to,of course,but it's possible I miss some sometimes.

[11:07.12]Well,that could be it,then.

[11:10.96]Sometimes coins get stuck just here and start making a horrible noise.

[11:16.60]Let's open this up and have a look,OK?

[11:20.86]And then we'll worry about the leak.

[11:25.53]Conversation 3

[11:30.49]So what's wrong with it?

[11:34.86]I've no idea!I've tried turing it on and off,

[11:41.02]but nothing happen at all.

[11:44.89]I've tried pressing all these buttons here,

[11:49.75]but that didn't make any difference.

[11:54.00]I've even tried changing the batteries in the remote control use with it,

[12:01.76]but that didn't help either.I really don't know what to do.

[12:08.42]How long have you had it?

[12:11.87]Just a couple of days.

[12:15.35]I only bought it last Saturday and the man in the shop

[12:21.12]told me it was the best brand you can buy.

[12:26.08]It makes me really angry.

[12:29.92]OK.OK.Calm down and let's have a look at it.

[12:34.60]It's all connected up OK.

[12:38.26]I know.I checked all that earlier.

[12:43.22]It's very strange.

[12:46.77]Let's start from the beginning with it,then.

[12:51.92]OK.Oh,look-you idiot!! What?What have I done?

[13:00.28]You haven't plugged it in over here,have you!

[13:04.43]I'm not surprised it hasn't been working!

[13:08.51]Oh no.I'm really sorry.I've completely wasted your time,then!

[13:16.06]Oh well,never mind.You live and learn,I suppose.

[13:20.63]Yes,maybe..but it's a really stupid mistake,isn't it?

[13:27.47]You can say that again!

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